Curtin International Students Guide: Finding Accommodation in Perth

GONZALO: I decided to come to Perth with my wife, just I came here to Curtin and they helped me. It was a very nice way of helping me because I was concerned before arriving to Perth, that was my concern where to live… LAURA: …and there is a very good system for finding accommodation.. GONZALO: …so in two days I could find one. SILVIA: Actually I’m in Erica Underwood. It’s an amazing place and its from the
University as well we share our apartment, a flat, with six postgraduate students and it’s excellent. LAURA: You can see all photos in the web of how they are appartment or houses, you can get all information very clear to through their website. GONZALO: We moved to our house and we feel really comfortable there. The area that surround the university is
nice because there are a lot of houses not buildings just
houses and we’re living in one of them. LAURA: They do house openings where you can go and have a look at place you’re happy with that you sign a
contract which is pretty clear… SILVIA: …and is really amazing they are friendly people like everywhere around, they are always friendly people. yeah I like it very much.

Paul Whisler

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