Cross Country Mortgage, Inc.

At Cross Country, we believe in the philosophy
that you’re more than a mortgage. Our outlook is different because we’re in
the people business first and we happen to be outstanding at writing mortgage loans. Cross Country has been around since 2003. We’re a national lender and closed multiple
billions of dollars a year annually. I’ve been in the business since 2001 and I
still love my job today. I got into the business in order to help people
finance their homes. The mortgage process can be intimidating. We at Cross Country try and make the process
as seamless and as painless while providing the best interest rates and the most competitive
closing costs in the business. It’s all about the people for us and for you
we will go leaps and bounds. Our operations team is comprised of some of
the best mortgage professionals in the business so you can be assured that all your questions
will be answered and you will understand the process and the product that you are getting. We are a lender similar to any deposit bank
because we underwrite and fund the majority of our loans but different in so many ways. Having a full array of products is so important
in the mortgage business today. You can be assured that we will find the product
that will suit you best. Our team is here and dedicated to ensure your
transaction is just another success story. What’s our mission? Our mission is simple. We want to provide you the best rates and
costs and have the absolute greatest service that you possibly could experience. Those two often don’t go hand in hand. Often you get discounted rates with service
that’s absolutely sub-par or you have those guys that’ll tell you that you have the best
white glove service around but you’re going to pay your premiums. Why can’t you have both?

Paul Whisler

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