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Are you looking for a GREAT Car Loan in Perth? What if I said that I would give you a FREE
$50 Fuel Card If I couldn’t beat the monthly finance repayment Offered by a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer? If that sounds good, would you also be interested
in some tips That will save you money when financing your
next car? Hi, my name is Brenton Hunt and I have been a Finance Broker for over 10 years. In this video I am going to give you a few
tips On how to save money when financing your next
car I will also tell you about our FREE $50 Fuel
Card offer I am so confident that we can beat Your Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer’s finance
offer That if I’m wrong I’ll give you a FREE
$50 Fuel Card. It doesn’t matter if you live in Perth – or
1,000kms away I will get you the LOWEST possible repayment
that you qualify for And just so you know The most I have saved a client to date is
$25/week over 5 years. Yes, that client potentially SAVED $6,500
just by getting their loan through us. You will be surprised how unscrupulous Car
Dealers can be When it comes to Car Finance. The ASIC website,, says hile dealer finance might seem convenient It can be cheaper to get a loan elsewhere The MoneySmart Website also says: Specialist Lending and leasing companies all
offer car loans So check out what’s on offer before you
opt for dealer finance There are obvious reasons why a regulator
would make such statements. One of the best tips I can give you when buying
a new car on finance Is to negotiate the cash price FIRST, and
negotiate hard!! Apart from saving yourself the raw cost of
any discount you can get You will also saving paying interest on that
amount over the life of the loan. Be STRONG and get that price down. If the car salesman knows from the start That you are going to finance the vehicle Then they are going to immediately move your
focus on the cost per week Rather than the total cost of the vehicle Don’t fall for this trick! If something is only say $5/week more than
you want to pay Remember that this is the same as paying an
extra $1,300 over a 5 year loan How many sets of tyres or car services would
this pay for? We all know that for some strange reason there
is a difference Between the ‘cash’ price and the financed
price of a vehicle The difference is how much extra profit the
car salesman wants to make. Don’t forget he gets paid by the finance
company before he gives you the keys So there is no reason to profit from you just
because you are financing the car. A lot of people find the car they love, Then look for finance. It is much better to get pre-approved first And then find a car that suits you. It’s sort of like finding the loan you love,
and can afford And then finding the car that works within
your loan. Remember if you are pre-approved, you are
then a cash buyer And will most likely be able to get that cheaper
‘cash’ price. Be very careful about extended warranties And GAP insurance that you might be offered. Again, the ASIC MoneySmart Website says: “Car dealers usually receive a commission
for selling these products And may have an incentive to try and get you
to buy them.” There are ways to cover yourself for these
instances That are far cheaper than taking these options
at the Car Dealer Please feel free to contact me to discuss
these extras If you are not sure where you can get them
cheaper. As with any purchase, it always good to shop
around So that you can compare the alternatives And this is especially important when buying
your second biggest asset. ASIC recommends you get a comparison offer
when it comes to car finance. The car salesman might say that it will take
DAYS For broker finance to come through. The fact is that he can have money in his
account in as little as 2 hours After the loan documents have been lodged! And anyway, why is it so important to drive
the car away today? Isn’t it more important to get the BEST
deal you can and SAVE yourself money? So these are a few tips that I know can save
you money. But just so you know that I actually walk
my talk If I can’t beat the monthly finance repayment
rate From a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer Then I’ll give you a FREE $50 Fuel Card. All you need to do is send us their written
offer. If I can’t beat it, then I will send you
a FREE $50 Fuel Card Together with our sincere thanks for letting
us quote on your business Naturally the two offers need to be compared On an identical and fair apples with apples
basis. This includes comparing our rates to the Comparable cash purchase price of the vehicle As sometimes Car Salesmen play games with
their pricing. If you would like to contact me directly Concerning any car finance question Or if you would like me see how much you can
save on your next car loan Feel free to contact me on 1-300-24-1234. Within a short 5 minute telephone call I will be able to give you an on the spot
assessment Of what you are likely to qualify for. My aim is to get you pre-qualified for a car
loan At the lowest possible rate Once qualified you are effectively a cash
buyer And you can negotiate hard on the cash price
of your new car. The goal of this video has been to provide
you with some valuable information When considering vehicle finance in Perth. If you have found this information valuable Please place your feedback in the section
below We would love to read your feedback, questions,
and comments. Thanks for watching this video. Whether you contact us through Our website or on the telephone I look forward to speaking with you.

Paul Whisler


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