Colorado PERA: Online Investment Advice

Did you
know that you may have access to free investment advice? If you re a participant in the PERAPlus
401(k) or 457 Plan or the PERA DC Plan, you can access the online advice at any time.
Start by logging on to your PERA account through Next, click on your plan from
the Benefit Programs menu. You ll then be taken to a personalized website for your PERAPlus
or DC plan. Look for the Voya Retirement Advisors link. Once you click it, you ll have access
to information that shows if you re on-track to meet your financial goals. From there,
you can design an investment plan that includes all your assets. And you can use the online
tools to create your plan for free. Or, let investment professionals do it for an ongoing
monthly cost. No matter which option you choose, you ll end up with a better understanding
of how to reach your retirement savings goals. Be sure to like this video and subscribe to
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