Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Series Ep. 6

Paul Whisler


  1. J'aime bien se type ils es cool es productifs c bien c vidéo continue comme ça

  2. That is literally what my dad thinks of the car when I accidentally drop fries on the seat (LEATHER SEATS) 🙁

  3. What do you do with the cars when finished? Do you buy them just to detail? X

  4. Nobody:

    Absolutely Nobody:

    Me: How did the ants get those eggs out of their little butts?

  5. You need to take a little time to focus on the seatbelts there’s two videos I’ve noticed you didn’t clean them. Just a little constructive criticism

  6. i hope you took a lot of pictures of the wild and plant life in this car, it looks like a fascinating ecosystem

  7. Here in Victoria tx I do the same. It takes alot of pride. I'll take the interiors fully apart. I'll disassemble the seats, take the fabric off the cushion and throw it in the wash. Take off the door panels and clean inside the doors and everything. I truly love it

  8. Why you not remove the seats and carpet ? I think they should wash it very well by exposed them to sun ,pressure washer whith some hot water and disinfectant, shampoo

  9. What about the fact of the possibility of there being mold under the dash board or bugs and mold in the seats or stuff under the carpet

  10. Wow, the amount of work put on this car was unbelievable, the result excellent, I just have one concern, spraying all that chemical on the panel would probably not be ideal, so much electrical stuff can get damaged. Anyways amazing result congrats for that. On a side note even though this guy really clean this car those bugs and mold will still be in the inside and under the car.

  11. Never mess around with black mold. The inside of the door panels etc worry me with that.

  12. I can’t believe how satisfying these videos are. And not just any car cleaning videos…YOUR car cleaning videos! I’m addicted!! New favorite channel. 🙌🏼

  13. Volkswagen Jetta- decent car, some issues but not bad
    Almost the same car but convertible- absolute pile of crap
    That’s German engineering

  14. Vinegar needs to saturate a surface about 30 mins to actually decently disinfect, and even then it’s not classed as a disinfectant.

  15. loved the video I used to clean cars at a ford dealership , never saw any that bad, o was one truck someone spit tobacco juice on the steering wheel I just said no

  16. You really think those seats and steering is clean after just "agitating with a soft brush and some APC ?"

  17. A buck fity!
    ….Also, I’m guessing you tried to remove those front seats? Because it may have been a lot easier to clean underneath them if you did.

  18. Why doesn't he removed those seatsssssss? This doesn't feel completely clean

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  20. Did you go through on the doors with your steamer to make sure you killed the mold spores?

  21. I’d say there was probably about five dollars worth of money in that car, maybe more.

  22. No! I need to know how much money was found! Agh! That’s fine though, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to even go near the trunk. Love the vids and can’t wait to watch more! This really motivates me and I hope I could maybe do this when or if I have enough time as I love cleaning and the state that the car is in right now makes me shudder.

  23. So, I am concerned with the mold. Did you apply a mold killer? What about the air conditioning/heat system? There is probably mold throughout it as well. A/C gets turned on and the mold spores get blown on the owner.

  24. A brush like this and an all Purpose cleaner for MOLD??? That is not enaugh at all!! Mold consists of germs/spors and they need to be killed (use a steamer or disinfectant). vinegar does not kill mold spors aswell!!! It helps to get mold off, but it does not kill the spors! just Google it

  25. Two questions. Did you get the mildew smell out? What type of Volkswagen is this car?

  26. #moldmansion
    No wonder you use those mask 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮. Can I ask you? Where did you get all kind of dirty car?

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