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Serbia. It hopes to join the European Union, so it can enjoy the economic benefits. But is also needs money now. So it’s turned to China. And that might not be the wisest choice. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Serbia. You may not know where it is on a map, but the Chinese Communist Party sure does. It’s here, by the way. In the Balkans. Ok, that’s not super helpful. It’s here. You might sort of vaguely remember from the
’90s that Serbia was part of the former Yugoslavia, and then there was a war, and NATO bombed everyone, and something something. Unless you weren’t born yet in the ’90s, in which case, don’t tell me, because then I’ll feel old. Anyway, Serbia is a country in Eastern Europe with a complicated history. And things are still complicated. Some Serbians want to join the European Union to enjoy all the financial benefits, but the standards to get in are really high, and other Serbians aren’t sure whether they can even meet those standards. In fact, there are so many forces pulling
every which way— that even the two-headed eagle on the Serbian
flag seems unsure which way to go. And that’s when China showed up with billions
of dollars. The Chinese Communist Party has offered to
make Serbia the European heart of its massive Belt and
Road Initiative, also known as One Belt, One Road. That’s the plan to spread Chinese investment
around the world. And this offer has put Serbia at a difficult
crossroads. It’s like, it’s Rush Week at your college. One option is to try to join the honor society
frat. Sure it’s really hard to get into, but girls really like going to their parties, because all the guys are actually nice. But there’s a curfew, they won’t let you drink too much, and they kick you out if you get bad grades. And then there’s the “party” frat— where there’s no rules, no standards, and the beer flows freely— but everyone warned you to stay away because things can get a little crazy and you heard rumors about the time that Sri
Lanka woke up in a bathtub with a kidney and a port
missing. Anyway, Serbia is a long way from even qualifying for the European Union frat. For example, they have massive environmental problems, like a “trash mountain and toxic canals.” Serbia’s two biggest cities “dump raw sewage directly into the Danube
and Sava rivers,” the country has “countless unregulated landfills,” and it “recycles only around 3 percent of
its municipal waste.” This is a far cry from EU standards, which are to recycle 50 percent of municipal
waste. And according to this European Commision report
card on how close Serbia is to meeting the standards for being allowed into the EU… Let’s just say, they’re not going to get on the honor roll
yet. There are plenty of areas for improvement, including respect for fundamental rights, rule of law, transparency in government, and market reform. Serbia has officially been a *candidate* for
EU membership since 2012. But its bad report card means that the earliest it could get in to the EU is
2025— and maybe not at all if it doesn’t shape
up. Still, there are benefits to being even just
a candidate. Thanks to the EU’s several pre-accession financial assistance programs, Serbia has already received over 4.2 billion
dollars in European grants— money they never have to pay back. The EU is also the biggest lender to Serbia, with over 4.9 billion dollars in loans. The trouble is, the EU has conditions for their loans. And it’s been pressuring Serbian politicians to be transparent and play by the rules. The Chinese Communist Party frat, meanwhile, doesn’t care whether Serbia reforms! And the cash has been rolling in. “Investment in Serbia has reached between 2.2 billion and 2.5 billion euros.” That’s just under 3 billion US dollars. Anyway, please continue. “Direct investments to Serbia show that
Serbia is the center of cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries.” And the feeling is mutual. “The distance cannot separate us, so we can have more understanding. China and Serbia will have a very profound
relationship and a very special brotherly bond.” Xi Jinping gave that speech at the site of Serbia’s only steel mill— which a Chinese state-owned company bought in 2016 for 52 million dollars. Xi Jinping said he would make Serbia the European hub of the Belt and Road infrastructure
plan. He suggested China would pour money into roads
and railways to connect China and Western Europe with a
transport corridor running through the heart of Serbia. According to Vladimir Krulj, former economic advisor to the Serbian government, “Chinese companies have snapped up critical industries in Serbia such as a copper mine, a steelmaker and a thermal power plant, along with high-speed rail lines, roads and ports.” But all that Chinese money pouring into Serbia has European officials worried. One concern is that quick and easy Chinese
money has caused a lot of Serbian leaders to give up on making all those political and
social reforms they’d need to join the EU. So it essentially undermines efforts to make the country better for its citizens. Another concern is that all this Chinese investment could put Serbia into deep debt— what’s called “debt trap diplomacy.” We’ve seen it before in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Djibouti. Chinese loans come in, but the country can’t repay them. So then Chinese state-run companies— or the Chinese military— take over important strategic assets in exchange for forgiving the debt. As one overseas investment expert says, “[China is] not in it to help countries
out, they’re in it to grab their assets.” If that sounds dirty…it is. He says China is purposefully plunging recipient countries into debt, then going after what’s in their dirt, like minerals and rare earth metals. Also there’s the danger that China’s investment might target critical technologies and strategic industries. That’s a serious problem throughout Europe,
actually. So much so, that this week the European Parliament adopted an EU-wide mechanism to screen foreign investments, most importantly from China. The aim is to protect critical European industries like aerospace, health, and nano-technology from getting taken over by Chinese companies— and undermining European security. Vladimir Krulj — the former Serbian economic advisor — says “it would be daft not to support [this new foreign investment policy],” The problem is, if Serbia were to adapt that, it would disrupt some of China’s current development projects there. Which some people don’t want to do. So Serbia is at a crossroads. It needs money, but it’s stuck between making reforms to
join the EU, or a Faustian bargain with China— a bargain it has already begun to make. And “By dithering over Serbia’s accession,”
says Krulj, “the EU is actually forcing Serbia into
the arms of China.” So maybe it’s time EU authorities consider whether their frat’s Rush Week that’s lasted since 2012 and pushes most students away is really the best way to build a strong fraternity. So what do you think about Serbia being stuck between a rock and a hard place? Leave your comments below. And while you’re here, it’s time for me to answer another question from a fan who supports China Uncensored— through the crowdfunding website Patreon. Casey asks: “[Why have] american coin collectors loved gold and silver pandas seemingly more than any other foreign mint since the late 90’s? They always trade at a slightly higher price than the going rate for an ounce. Could this be an example of a successful soft power strategy by the CCP?” Well, Casey, I assume you’re referring to these Chinese panda coins. Why do people like them? I don’t know! Why does anybody like pandas?! “Oh, they’re so cute and cuddy.” No they’re not! They’re giant racoons that’ll rip your
arms off if they had the chance. Or at least your jacket. Anyway, all gold coins go for a higher price than the metal itself. Which is why physical coins aren’t the best gold investment anyway. They’re just a collectors’ item. Are they Chinese Communist Party propaganda? Yes, but only in the sense that pandas in
general are a propaganda symbol. The Party uses them to make itself look cute and cuddy, but in the end, they’ll rip your arms off. Thanks for your question, Casey. And I hope all of you can be like Casey and support China Uncensored through the crowdfunding website Patreon. Casey supports this show by pledging a certain amount per episode— and you can, too. Help us keep covering the kind of episodes that expose China’s pandas for what they really are. Once again, I’m Chris Chris Chappell. Thanks for watching China Uncensored.

Paul Whisler


  1. Soooo…am I the only one getting a link to September 11 attacks at the bottom of this video? What's up YouTube?

  2. Serbia turned to China and Russia because EU and NATO ask that Serbia forgets Kosovo, and in the future even more territory only for a dream of entering EU. We know Serbia is not going into EU since they are basically Russians on Balkans. The EU standards are bullshit, ROmania, Croatia and Bulgaria never had to meet any serious standards to enter. They are in a similar situation like Serbia. Also NATO just keeps expanding around Serbia making the situation more tense with every day. They turned Montenegro (same people as Serbs) against Serbia, Macedonia will soon enter NATO, Bosnia is pressured every day, Serbia is surrounded and instead of going easy now when Serbia is helpless NATO and EU pressure Serbia even more to give up its territory for a dream.
    Yes Chinese are a bad business but its better to be a pawn of people who did not bomb you and who do not ask your territory in exchange for false promises.

  3. Uh ha ha as butthead would say Serbia has been in a bind since the first bullet of ww1 so what is your point jackass ? And yes I served in Bosnia for 1 year …….. back in the early 90’s did you ? No ok have you served anywhere no oh ….. shut up

  4. You can trust a Balkan country like Serbia as much as you can trust China. It’s a great match!

  5. NATO and west bomb us destroy all infrastructure and steal all resource.China comes with money invest in infrastructure and you want from us to chose EU ? What!?

  6. 2:11 yes it’s freely because the beer is redistributed through butt boofing that everyone shares. You can’t call yourself communist without living in subhuman standards

  7. 2:38 good the Serb dogs must pay for their crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing of Bosniaks

  8. 🇷🇸+🇨🇳=❤ we serbians love China and hate EU America and nato

  9. Why is Serbia (small country) still so importnat? I still do not understand.

  10. 这个节目是五粮液赞助的吗?后面那背景图怎么把五粮液也P上去了?

  11. Long time ago…there was 1 Serbian son, from mother Jelena. He became known as Constantine the great, who built "New Rome". Accepting Orthodox Christianity, most of the Europe became Christian land. 18 Emperors of Rome were Serbs. Our St. Sava rejected the throne and wealth and to true Serbian people…it's never about the money. Justice and freedom to all, equally. People from China who lived here showed same values. We have no reason to dislike China, I think we actually could learn so much from them. We will never underestimate any culture or nation. Serbia 💓 China.

  12. CHRIS, believe it or not, you look pretty much identical with the "resident political analyst" of GMA-7'S RICHARD HEYDARIAN in the Philippines, you 2 look like TWINS!

  13. as a Serbian native i can tell you that America has been putting a lot of "friendship with USA propaganda " lately on TV , i guess they think we will easily forget the NATO bombing , which is not gonna happen . Let be honest we will never be good enough for EU they will never let us join , at least not untill they tear our territory apart into smaller countries . When it comes to China , most people in here dont know what CCP policy is like , even tho we were under Communist regime after WW2 untill Tito died . In any case when WW3 happens Chinese influence ( and Russia ) should help us survive another NATO bombing , but after we might fall to communism yet again . We as a small nation never had much choice to begin with … oh yea we also have corruption problems (politicians) , which is why we needed china money in the first place ( some factories only china wanted to buy )

  14. China invest America Attack evrybody around world. Americans work less then Chinas. American live on back of athers nations use them if they dont want americans attack them is time of for America.

  15. 3:50 Bull fucking shit. Not only they will have to pay it back, once they join ,they will have to pay extortion interest rates.
    As for … democracy, rule of law? Forget it ! Its the EU way, or ..the EU way. Self determination, national borders? Forget about it!
    The will dump their third world violent pets on you and you don' get a say.

    Join the EU and add VAT on all your products. BTW you don't get to keep that money, it goes straight to EU coffers.
    The only difference between the EU and China is .. China is more honest about it.
    If you are going to be enslaved does it really matter if its the Franco German axis that will be your Master or China?

    Join the EU and become a vassal to Imperial Germany or .. do business with China and become their vassal state.
    Either way you get fucked.
    BTW2 When the US does it ,its "investment" .when China does the same its …"predatory lending"

  16. Everyone is welcome to Serbia apart from lying propaganda yt mediocre hosts who crack bad jokes and do presentation of countries in wrong light. Go to hell idiot.

  17. u need to lose to gain but in eu serbia did lost a shitt ton and only its got are BOMBS sooo … yea china and russia are welcome

  18. Gee, maybe the US, instead of sending $38 billion to (((Israel))), might send 4-5 Serbia's way, to keep them out of the jaws of the Chinese. Of course, we could never do that – you know, help out another white country…

  19. Why don't you make a video about what USA and NATO did to Serbia?? China did not bomb us and don't undermine our sovereignty. So go China

  20. trump and uni european had have huge giga mega massive debt already, long long long before china investing and indebting in yours.
    also in djibouti and srilanka.
    do you think USA is not a big liars masters already since a long long long ago ??.
    USA is a secular fake freedom false democracy country,
    not a theocracy religion faithfull country.

  21. China think : when you want to be rich make your client that have money,to buy your stuff. West countries think : if you want be rich,make others poor.

  22. But there are allot of Chinese industries opening up In Serbia employing allot of people and hugely contributing to the economy so its not debt only, far from it. Another thing is infrastructure is needed for new investments. Serbia has a growth of 3.5% in Economy and have no budget deficit and wont have it even with these loans. So I don't think the Chinese want to bankrupt their main partner in the one belt project and it wont

  23. First, you should go to EU countries such are Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc and see for yourself all EU environmental and other "Standards" direct on the spot. Or you can go to Polen and buy 3th class food products in shops which Germany implemented there. (Probably EU standard as well).
    Second Serbia is trying to improve the economy, reduce unemployment and make her own future in a way which is possible for them and which has obviously more future then this broken EU today with no plan or idea for future in just next 5 years not to say more. And who was saying NO to west EU countries to invest in Serbia instead of humiliating that country in any possible human way in the last 30 years? (Media propaganda…etc)
    So before making such a video please gather more information on how EU is saying now officially that they don't want Serbia in EU or if is that possible god know when they would ready for new members because of their inside problems. Access funds of EU to Serbia are 180 million euro per year. With that Serbia would develop in the next 1800 years. China investments are at the moment of 10 billion euro. So it is obvious where the money and future are today in the world. Get over that.
    So that EU politics to Serbia… "Don't do business with China but we don't want you". Is sick and it's just showing how lost and broken is EU in the year 2019. The sad situation of EU but probably good for illegal immigration from the middle east.

  24. one by one,countries
    are grabbing the bait,
    without reading the fine print.get caught in the debt
    trap.but don't see the devil in the details.this is how the belt and road is being set up.the ccp did it to U.S.
    with the treasury bonds.

  25. Im from Serbia, this is so true 🙂 I have a feeling we aren't going anywhere far from yesterday.

  26. Oh, the EU – a US-ruined caliphate. Never mind that the JewS set up Kosovo, a muslim state in Europe.

    Palestine and the US must be liberated.

  27. Maybe we wouldn't want to suck Chinese dick if the West didn't spend the last 30 years undermining our sovereignty, bombing us, stealing our resources. You know, just a thought.

  28. We would rather owe money to the Chinese than to Wall Street bankers.
    And at least China did not give the cradle of our culture and national identity to Albanian drug cartel.

    Greetings from Serbia.

  29. wtf the frist image u showed was a bunch of gypsys lol
    suck my d china uncensored

  30. "Quick and easy Chinese money has caused the Serbian leaders to give up on making all those political and social reforms they need to, to join the EU". Reforms like introducing sexual education to preschoolers".

    "Undermines efforts to make the country better for its citizens", – a completely subjective matter.

    "Another CONCERN is that this could put Serbia in deep debt". To all those CONCERNED, Serbia is already in roughly 10 times the debt of former Yugoslavia, in which it was 1 of 6 administrative units. This is all because of infrastructure destruction during the war with NATO and constant borrowing from the IMF.

    If you have to be a bitch, it's best not to have your arse owned by just one bully.

  31. USA bombed us, China invests in Serbia, yeah i rather have Chinas influence in my country than the USs.

  32. Serbian Lord Balš II managed to expand his borders, with the help of the Ottomans Turks. He invited the Turks to fight against the Venetian, Bulgarian and Albanian people. In 1378 AD, Serbian Lord defeated the Albanian Duke Karl Thopia. Turks remained in the Balkans for 500 years, thanks to the Serbs.
    On 28 June 1914, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by a Serbian terrorist organization called Black Hand (Gavrilo Princip). Because of this act of terrorism, there were 40 million casualties in WWI. This unfinished business continued into WWII with another 85 million dead thanks to the Serbs. In 1991, Serbian army in Yugoslavia killed hundreds of thousand people in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, 2 million Albanian are deported with a force from Kosovo with the purpose of ethnic cleansing. 13,000 people are killed 1,330 kids , 1,600 still missing and 20,000 women raped. Now in 2014, Serbia has invited Chinese to invest billions of dollars, how long will they stay in the Balkans??
    Serbs are the cancer of Europe.

  33. NATO bombed Serbia 1999, the Serbian bloodstains still spit on their walls! Are you guys forgotton or just skipped that page of 20th century history! Hahaha, all of you fools here!

  34. While EU is more concerd about Serbia to recognize Kosovo, China and Russia starting to take over the Balkans.

  35. You should overthink a little bit. 1999 bombardment of former Yugoslavia caused around 150 billion damage, not to talk about the uranium ammunition used by Nato increased Cancer by hundereds %.. to support a terrorist organisation. USA is not interested in Serbia and EU has nothing to say about. Only important thing is the drug dealing on kosovo and camp bondsteel.

  36. I am one of the Chinese,I love the true kind honesty people all over the world.I think this video aims to let the audience remeber misunderstanding and conflict.They want everybody believe peope in China government are not good and have a ulterior motives.It seems they all have a political ambition and don not care about the people in other countries.I tell you it is not true.People in China are good kind and willing to make friends.The video is wrong and not friendly.China have wide good relationships with too many countries.The video seems to be subjective and lack of data and has no basis in fact.

  37. Personally I hope to see more of the Russians and Chinese in the Balkans, and less of the US.

    Kosovo je Srbija

  38. Its the fault of US presidents and unsuful us polices for world democracy. The problems is that something easy to point fingers. Serbia was abandoned by the West and EU to die alone. Vucic is a bitch and neo liberal puppy. That bad decisions… How ever the west spend trillions of dollars to spread their market but their money where wasted into wars for short gains called the stoch market 🤣 how many pennies did I do today?! LoL a big illusion of power. The money that the Americans spend into figthing wars and delocate the american jobs for lower production cost is a big coinvinaince store scam. The recession was a big scam no one got arrested. Its a shadow operations. I understand why people voted for TRUMp they where scammed. Trump scammed them in return. And scam business goes on and on.🤣 So vote for The scam industry. The real economy was destroyed when u.s. dollar no longer backed by gold.

  39. 👃get you guys a 👃 to smell what is smells bad. Being bored to save my money wasn't a scam. 😄

  40. I have no anger over things because The more people become educated the more ignorant they are. They think they are the best. Western individualism.

  41. The human mind works with in and out called feelings where people can enter your mind and scam you. They people that scam us think all the time about our thought process and open holes and they used against us. Liberalism was the biggest scam ever. Unlimited freedom.

  42. The mass population has open holes 🤣 I seen them like its SUPer obvious.

  43. Marketing is the science of how to Open your holes 🤣 you can learn a lot on it. I read books when prices are said to be 50% off but their just 10%

  44. Jeff Bezos just saw the flaws of society when he created his company 🤣you get me? He forseen the desires of fast consumption where you find anything you want. Its a simple and logical concept worth a Trillion dollars.

  45. I will be spied by the NSA now I am on list some where 🤣 in a u.s. government servers 🤣 Assange 2. The truth is that WHO gives a dawm their power is an illuson it will STAND the test of time.

  46. Not stand the test of TIME China doesn't give a fuck about money it cares the power of what their people can do. It is a regime but the MIND is the opposite of western materialism. Yes are still forced to do it but they Advance and the west stagnates.

  47. They don't respect any rules because they where scammed many times by the west and the communist regime know how to exploit the anger and make them work blinly for them. British empire scammed with drugs. Believe the books about world scams should be A Good book to write. "How people scam'"

  48. Nobody knows how it is in Serbia!!! I live here. We were at war for 10 years. Then for 8 isolated from EU and world because of Kosovo then Kosovo gains independence. And after all that still isolated from the west till 2012. So after 22years of isolation from the west we need money and no body wants to help accept China and our brothers Russia. So f*** the wezt and its moral standrds. We are a proud nation we are allied country who won WW1 and WW2 and lost in those wars more then 10mil people. So Cris you sit in your office in US and talk about your country not mine.!!!!!

  49. You cultists are talking shit about country you don't know.China is our ally and will drive the western occupiers from our territory

  50. EU talk was shit. i live in Serbia and Serbs want RussiA not EU, eu put gay minister in serba we have american president aleksandar vucic he dont give a shit about serbian colture and church and history he trying to make new order with gays and devil shits. but if you thnik Serrb was scared its WRONG! we just wait moment that we fight again with world, Kosov is hearth of Serbia.

  51. first problem of Serbia why we didint put in Eu was that becase of big criminal in serbia nad presidet brother was crminal boss in our cutnry BUT TRUST ME I LIVE IN SERBIA SERBS DONT LOVE NATO SERBS DONT LOVE PRESIDENT VUCIC , SERBS DONT LOVE EU ! SERBS LOVE RUSSIA! SERBS LOVE FREEDOM !


  53. Only foooooooooooooooools will believe what this channel says!!!!!!!


  55. So China invests and the politicians there might be corrupt or incompetant, it's China's fault. Good logic. Europe don't invest or they might steal it, that's not gonna get the country anywhere.

  56. I would like to live in a country where there are no people with power, where no exists nation, no religion, only human.


  58. Two Eagles Mean Left Eagle Mean People lead Country (Serbia) and Right Mean God Lead Coutry (Serbia) Orthodox Church

  59. Serbia should fix their own shit. Especially if they already received billions to push them to do so. If China gets involved and Serbia allows them to take over, then obviously no more EU for Serbia, and no Serbia in EU. Party with China all they want but when shit hits the fan, they're on their own, fix their own shit.

  60. Tbh as a serb I would like more to be towards China, after NATO illegally bombed us I ain't joining the any alliance with NATO countries. 🇷🇸🇨🇳

  61. I see this as a middle finger back for bombing Serbia these countries that are now worried about China have also said yes to USA to bomb Serbia

  62. 1. NATO only bombed Serbia because they wanted to help Albanian terrorists just like they do in middle east.
    2. EU standards are not high they dont want us in there and we dont want to be a part of them, its our corrupted and US run government that wants to get in EU and NATO. Can you imagine, Serbia joining NATO that bombed us, thats what US would like but its not gonna happen. Idk who you are and i accidentelly got here but you dont know what you are talking about. You should do USA uncensored. Or wait maybe dont cause you might end up in jail like Julian Assange.

  63. Serbian president is a traitor,crazy,warmonger and bitch from Tony Blair,Clinton and Soros.

  64. Serbian president is a traitor,crazy,warmonger and bitch from Tony Blair,Clinton and Soros.

  65. Please put us in debt trap! Because usa razed our country to the ground.
    Fucking american

  66. The west is so afraid of China that it’s doing everything to discredit Chinas influence in the world.. as a Serbian I welcome China to Serbia.. and wish them luck.. unlike I do with the Yanks world police.. Fuck USA!

  67. Ja sam iz Srbije i istorija naše zemlje je najduža svetska misterija a ti sad ne bi imao kako da upališ svetlo da nije Nikola Tesla izmislio struju!☺️

  68. People from “former” colonial forces have no right to judge countries like Serbia, China etc. Obvious reason is seen if you only look into history and see how many unjustified actions were done in these countries by the same colonial forces.

  69. Let's see, for Serbia:

    from West there are wars, bombs, genocide and territorial amputations.
    from China: investments and infrastructure.

    Difficult choice LOL

  70. Hello, i am from Serbia and i dont know no ones who want to join to eu, i think our way lead to asian union with our friends

  71. well it is ok to live in serbija but PAZI SE GLUPAVIH RETARDA

  72. The same EU and USA bombed SERBIA!! And then gave us the freaky loans with enormous interest rates, so we have to pay them back while USA and EU took all the industry for 1 dinar and 432423 URANIUM BOMBS!

  73. Look at all the triggred Serbs and Slavs in the comments. Let them learn the hard way then. They are just too angry and stubborn to listen to rest of us who experienced China's bad deals. Shame too, Because I like Serbia and support them on the Kosovo issue, but my god, too many people are such fools full of hate

  74. If Serbia is so stubborn and bitter that they'd rather ally with an oppressive regime that strips away freedoms of it's own citizens in Hong Kong. Then let them.

    Let China rip Serbia off financially and make it poorer than it would be if were allies with the EU (some of whom support them on the Kosovo issue)

  75. Look at all the triggred Serbs in the comments. Let them learn the hard way then. They are just too angry and stubborn about the 1990's to listen to reason. We tried to warn them. Can't wait to come back here in 10 years and say "I told you so" after China rips them off with bad loans that Serbia cannot pay back.

    Shame too, Because I like Serbia and support them on the Kosovo issue, but my god, too many people there are just bitter, stubborn fools.

  76. what kind of standards you're talking about, whether other neighbors Serbia meet at least part of these standards, such as Romania and Bulgaria .These states have expressly accepted,and they are in a worse situation .Entering Serbia in the EU is about political decisions, the only reason to start negotiations is a recognition the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo, and the introduction of a common policy with the EU, such as open hostility toward Russia, .This Serbia will never do, Serbia hostile policy toward them means Join those who killed us against those who defend us.You are wrong when you say that Serbia is at a crossroads, Serbia has definitely chosen the path .When would now be a referendum the majority of citizens would say no EU .Because open support Kosovo quasi-state by the EU and in which there are no basic human rights for Serbs where citizens of Serbian nationality outside the north of Kosovo can live only in ghettos.The only reason why Europe continues to finance projects in Serbia is to at least slow down the eastward shift.Do not be so much anti-Chinese mood, and the Chinese do not wont to take the steel mill, which is also the previous owners were not Americans not took steel mill .And they bought for 1 dinar melted JNA weapons and went .Roads and infrastructure should not matter who builds them. certainly not to take the asphalt in the China .Serbia literally pays to foreign companies to open factories in Serbia, which many Western companies use, if we talk about investments, no one came because he loves Serbia or what he pleases landscape .Majority investors is come due to the conditions offered by the government: and it's two years of paid work track per worker ,and free lease land .This is so much investment from the West company and for that nobody rebels ,why the contract with Fiat state secret, to anyone in the west do not mind, but so is every Chinese investment rises fuss.

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