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This is Canterbury House, one of our partnership halls with the company A2Dominion. It provides en suite accommodation for our continuing students, those wanting to stay on in halls past their first year, but also postgraduates starting their course with us in January. This is a five person flat. We’re in the kitchen at the moment You can see the modern kitchen facilities behind me with storage space for everybody, and cooking facilities and your appliances as well. Just over to the right, we have fridge-freezers, two of them, so there’s plenty of room for everybody’s food. So we’ll take a look at one of the bedrooms if you want to follow me down the hall. Canterbury House offers quite large bedrooms so plenty of space in each one. In here you have your sleeping and study area, and an en suite bathroom as well. Your wardrobe is nicely sized – it’s a double wardrobe – and you also get a small double bed so a little bit more space if that’s what you’d prefer in your accommodation. If you want to take a look at the en suite bathroom, it’s just around the corner. As with all en suite bathrooms, you get a shower, sink, toilet, and a mirror as well. Canterbury House is located just around the corner from the Cowley Road shops so it’s very convenient for that but it has also good access to the Headington Campus, the city and most areas of Oxford it’s a good location to be in. It offers 50 week contracts which are tailored to your course So if you are coming in September, it starts in September. Or if you’re coming in January, it will start January. There’s more information available about that so if you want get in contact with us. You’re also welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this hall or any of the other ones we have to offer we’ll be pleased to help.

Paul Whisler

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