Britannia Student Services – London’s Best Choice of Student Accommodation

Britannia Student Services is London’s top
student accommodation agency. We can offer you a choice of fabulous accommodation – whatever
your needs, at an affordable price. From self-catering shared apartments such as Rathbone Place, just off Oxford street – within easy reach
of schools, shops, theatres, pubs and clubs, to halls of residence such as Greenview Court,
and many others in London’s City Centre. “I actually chose Greenview Court because
it’s close to London, it’s green and it’s safe. Ive really enjoyed my stay here, people
are very social, helpful.” “My room specifically has a lot of light.” “It overlooks the garden.” “It’s comfortable, it’s perfect.” Britannia’s homestay families are chosen for
safety, comfort and friendliness. “I’ve been with Britannia about ten years
now.” “We have good conversations about all sorts
of things – politics, their country, this country. They’re different nationalities,
and they have to talk English, so they bounce off each other.” “Actually, they don’t want to go, they want
to keep coming back.” “We have students from every country, all
age groups.” “It’s really great to see tat every student
that’s stayed with us has progressed, and they’ve really increased their confidence
and their language skills or listening skills.” “When they come here and they live in a family,
I think it helps their confidence. Every student from different countries can interact with
each other.” “If I was to describe London in three words,
they would be vibrant…” “Multicultural.” “It’s amazing!” “It’s exciting and it’s diverse.” “London has been fabulous, and I would say
it’s the centre of the world.” “London is a great place to study.” “If we have any problems, they’re always on
the end of the phone, and vice versa – if the student has any problems, they can go
to Britannia.” “They’re very helpful at liaising with us,
you can get hold of Britannia straight away and they will help me to sort out the problem.” Call Britannia now, for more information on
your home away from home, in London.

Paul Whisler

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