Beyoncé “Countdown” Parody: Student Loan Countdown

Loans…. Oh my credit is dropping
and they still keep calling nothing else has changed
I can’t pay you Oh you must be crazy,
payments are monthly no can’t do this on my own
sallie mae, I can’t pay off my student loans they’re calling me at 10
i’m stressing on the 9 I’ve barely even 8
I’m not so lucky 7 They ring again at 6
Let me call you back in 5 What are they looking 4
I’m trying to pay all 3 Called my mother 2
But I’m not the only 1 Went off to school to get my education
Little did i know debt was part of the equation Could of dropped out but that’s a bad situation
If you don’t pay up they’ll garnish your wages Sallie Mae and the government make bank if
I default but i can’t find a job, so technically it’s
not my fault Me and my boo yeah we gonna get married
My debt is a load that we both gotta carry Didn’t know my interest rate would be 12%
Payments just  high as New York City rent Oh, should I stand out on wall street?
Would that even help me? Not sure what I should do. Barack are you
listening? Oh, can I get a forbearance?
No help from my parents I’m doing this on my own,
Sallie Mae I can’t pay off my student loans

Paul Whisler


  1. hahaha still watching this 2 years later….u sound like india arie at 1:10!! i love your singing voice!!

  2. WooooooooW!!!! This song is sooooo true!!! I dropped out and tried 2 go back, but cant get financial aid because i defaulted on a loan ten years ago…. Sallie Mae never stops calling and financial aid advisors dont fully explain the consequences and college recruiters just want 2 get u in their school. my school was $550 per credit hour and i thought i was going 2 be rich after i graduated 4rm college!!!!U ARE AWESoME!!!!!

  3. I laughed really hard at this. Just took out more loans for grad school. The struggle is real.

  4. Woman you are singing my anthem! This right here, has been my life since I graduated.

  5. just skippin round utube don't know how i got from milesjai & hartbeat to you…but

  6. I'd rather struggle for the first few years paying off my loans with money from a great career I spent 4 years to get, than struggle for the rest of my life at some minimum wage job.

  7. guess you missed this lyric, "sallie mae and the government make bank, if i default. but i can't find a job, so technically it's not my fault"

    if you can't find a job or if your payments are more than you're making at your current job….then…you're still outta luck.

  8. I like your version better than Beyonce's and I learned something! Now Im depressed about my student loans

  9. Hey Chesca! Not to bother you, but I had a small question. I'm starting school in the next few weeks and I've already accepted that I'm going to have to take out 3 federal student loans (At least for the 1st year) and they're not that expensive compared to other cases. But I need to make a down payment to start classes & I just don't have the money right now. Is there a loan I can take out just for the deposit that I can pay off in the next few weeks instead of years later w/a bunch of interest?

  10. Thanks for the recommendation! I found out they do have payment plans, Idk if my school still let's me start up w/o paying the down payment. It says that the deadline for the payment plan is about a week after classes start, does that mean I can start classes before enrolling in the payment plan? It's kinda confusing.

  11. you must've missed the part of the song about the terrible job market that leaves grads without jobs so they can't pay their loans….

    the first few years? do you know how much the average college education costs vs. the average salary? President Obama just finished paying off his student loans in 2004. Think about that.

  12. It's not that simple. Loads of college grads (even ones with "worthwhile" degrees") can't even find a halfway decent job, much less a "great career." My sis graduated top of her class at GW with degrees in Chinese and International relations and sent out hundreds of applications, had great references. She spent over a year as a temp – a position it took 3 months to get, and even now at her steadier job she's barely able to make ends meet. And she's one of the most successful grads I know.

  13. Nah he won't. He definitely won't after that speech he just did. Pretty much he just threw every care about people's dignity out the window. He caved in.

  14. I don't think you realize what an entry level job pays for a college grad, or how hard it is for grads to actually get jobs in their fields of study. And that's pretty offensive to people who didn't go to college. I'm among those who didn't go to college and I happen to be doing pretty great, actually.

  15. You got to give'em hope AT LEAST.

    Of all the people I know, the ones who went to school are still better off then the ones who quit/did not try.

    Ps. Love your channel I don't know why it took me so long to subscribe!

  16. According to the Pew Economic Mobility Study rich students without a degree actually still make more than poor students with a degree. The idea that it takes "a few years" to pay off a student loan is erroneous at best. And most careers now that pay anything close to a living wage want a Masters to start. That is more than 4 years and significantly more debt.

  17. wow that's ridiculous! and I complained about the rise in university taxes in spain, My education is 1100 euros this year and only because I failed a lot so i didn't get an scholarship. It's really sad that the prices of an education are so high that not everybody can afford it

  18. God. I’m envious with my cousin. He’s been unattached endlessly. Yet somehow he caused a part-time model to tell him she is in love with with him in under a thirty day period. How can that be even thinkable? He said to me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone stunning told me they loved me… I’ve not before seen him so happy. Sort of makes me frustrated.

  19. i just completed paying one of my loans off….now to tackle the big one…

  20. If you are struggling with student debt you might want to check out lots of great tips there.

  21. Chescaleigh it so funny to me you make these vids on YouTube because we lol but this women has so many talents goodness she is making funny songs but she can really sing and act and is funny you are blessed and I am sure friends and family have let you know

  22. Funny video about a true situation with college students and student loans!!!!

  23. Wow! That was very creative, by the way we can help you guys in Paying Student Loans Using the Government’s Money please visit my channel for more information.

  24. I'm currently a first year at uni and this makes me nervous haha

  25.  This is why I attend community college, least money to pay(depending on the school). My mom keep pressuring me to go away and i am like "are you going to pay for the bills"?. Yup i didn't think so

  26. So sorry i just had to give it a dislike it was very creative,but at certain points it got very boring and I have seen better but keep trying😀!!

  27. Wait, wait . . .12%? I don't . . .they make money off of you? That is just nasty . . .

  28. I feel like this is one of those songs in those old online education commercials education connection I think?

  29. Just paid mine off.It wasn't much but lesson learned. Wont be doing that shit again…

  30. I first saw this video when your uploaded it four years ago. Now that I'm a recent college grad this is more that just humorous, I can relate because it's now my life 🙁

  31. officially unsubscribing because of this video, and I'm not wait, I'm just disappointed that there's not a better way to deal with racism without being a racist in return. Two wrongs don't make a right

  32. Think about it before you borrow… there's this little thing called working your way through school…what a concept…

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