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You just got a new job and you’re a salesman
on the road and you might be wondering, “Hey, does my car insurance cover this?” My name
is James with Resurgence Group. We’re a full service insurance agency and we specialize
in auto insurance. What I would suggest is that you immediately contact your agent or
your carrier and just explain to them the exposure, the additional exposure that you
are incurring because you are driving during business hours and you want to make sure that
you’re covered.The premium will not be that much different but you do want to make sure
that you have clicked, whether it be personal, personal and business, or just business insurance
that you’re conducting while you’re driving that vehicle.So, again, speak with an agent,
get with them or get with a carrier and explain to them how many days a week you’re driving,how
many miles you’re driving. All of that takes into consideration the premium and the difference
in premium and, for peace of mind, you’re much better off being honest about it and
telling folks, “Yes, I’m driving. I’m a sales rep or maybe I’m a delivery person,” whatever
it may be, uh, be very specific as to what you’re doing and that’ll impact your premiums.
So, get with your agent. Find out if that premium is going to go up or it’s going to
stay the same. At least you’ll know that you have the right coverage. My name is James
with Resurgence Group. We do that every day with our clients. We try and help them out
and the most important thing is to make sure that, in that time of need, when you have
that accident, that you have the right coverage for that right time.

Paul Whisler

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