Arvest Mortgage Specialist Ray Coleman – Your Home Loan Simplified

When you’re working with Arvest, you can expect a lot of communication, making sure that our customers understand from start to finish where they are in the process. Arvest makes applying for a loan convenient. I will be available for them, to meet in person on Saturdays or after hours, if they work until, you know, 5:00 PM. I don’t want them to, them to think that I don’t have time for them, or for me to answer their questions. We have an approach of, you know, having the different loan programs or loan options, because not everyone’s going to fit into one box or another box. So, we’re able to show them their options, and then, recommend, uh, an option that, that most likely looks better for their, their situation. We have many different ways that our customers can apply for a mortgage loan. Um, in person, uh, that’s always a great way for, for a customer, a potential customer, to apply. We also have an online application that, you know, I could send, or an Arvest associate could send a hyperlink to our customer. They can click on that hyperlink and it’ll take them to an online application to complete. And then we also have what’s called, uh, Arvest Home4Me app. It’s an app that they can put on their phone, and go through the mortgage process that way, to where a lender would, would reach out to them. Arvest, we, we service 99 percent of our loans, because I believe it makes our customers feel like, you know, we, we care about them, not only during the transaction, but after the transaction. We’re still there for them, for any needs that they may have. Arvest wants them to walk away feeling like they’re part of the Arvest family. So we, we want them to feel like, after the mortgage closing, you know, they’re family, and they can call on Arvest Bank for any other, other needs that they may have.

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