Andrew Yang Explains His Healthcare Plan | All In | MSNBC

Paul Whisler


  1. Seniors pay all their working lives into medicare, then only to find out that they still have to pay for it when they retire.





  3. A fair question, I applaud Hayes for at least giving Yang a chance to state his position

  4. I'm just stopping in to comment that it's ridiculous that I'm having to watch the full interview on a bootleg channel. What are you doing?

  5. Did MSNBC apologize for their mistreatment and dismissal of Yang? Nope, because they want their candidate (buttigieg, biden, warren, klobuchar) to get nomination. They failed miserably with Beto and Kamala.

  6. Chris. I am disappointed in you!! You could have treated this interview less hostile, and done YOURSELF a favor!!

  7. MSNBC is more corrupt than FOX News. They lack journalistic integrity and are low key racist.

  8. I really like yang but when he’s talking about healthcare he sounds a little bidenish which is not good.

  9. What about having the full interview posted? MSNBC.. your always gonna be msncb.. 🧢💪

  10. Why is Chris so agitated and why did he bring up Paul Krugman? Krugman said that …”by 2005 or so it will become clear that the internets impact on the economy will have been no greater than the fax machine’s.” A smart journalist would be bringing up Greg Mankiw and his discussions of UBI. Andrew did great, especially considering this guys tone.

  11. Agressive or not, it looks like MSNBC has done their research and Chris
    is asking some good questions to confirm Andrew Yang's fundamental
    standpoint. This is a sign of taking Andrew Yang seriously. Cool. Thanks

  12. Her3s is the original full clip: #Yang2020 #yanggang2020 #blacksforyang #veteransforyang #grassrootsyanggang #womenforyang

  13. …and why only post a portion of the interview MSNBC? Is it because Andrew crushed it when Chris asked certain hostile questions? the Zach & Matt YouTube channel has the full 7+ minutes if anyone is curious. I don’t know the point of interviewing him only to act like you hate him and post only clips. It like you don’t trust voters to decided for themselves if they agree with him or not.

  14. Lol so Yang finally gave in saying "the message" is more important, admit it you got cucked by MSNBC

  15. Be kind to Chris Hayes he at least is trying build bridges. Chris Mathews and Brian whatever his name is I 💩 on them. Yang 2020

  16. "Yang Gang —

    We have some alarming news: Our data team just crunched the numbers — and we’re in serious danger of missing our end-of-quarter goal of $3 million by December 31st at midnight.

    Right now, we’re $1,544,992 away from hitting our goal. That means — if we hit it — we’ll have had our strongest fundraising weekend in our campaign’s history. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely a longshot. And we all know how the Yang Gang feels about longshots."
    – Team Yang
    please donate what you can!!!!

  17. We love you Andrew Yang!! You're exactly who we need for our country and the world!!! 💯

    I still do not trust the #MSNBChacks though, they are frauds who are working for the establishment!!! #BOYCOTTMSNBC #ChrisHayesIsAHack #MSNBCBias

  18. Like how Yang said.. the government should come up with a superior health care plan to out-compete the private insurance. He knows there is too much economic ties (and employment ties) with the private insurance companies. It wouldn't be right to just completely abolish them, but to slowly out-compete them. This is the logical way to approach to many policies. The extreme measures is a short period of time is just too disruptive to the economy and people's lives.

  19. I used to like Chris. here he seems unnecessarily aggressive. what's wrong with msnbc?

  20. MSNBC trying to smear Andrew Yang weak point it turns out they promote him instead of push him down. lol… great help!

  21. The most intelligent and well versed candidate, bar none. The only candidate who can unite an ENTIRE country. Yang2020

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  23. happy holidays? what a LOSER. (obviously, that's a joke for those that need help with comedy).

  24. So MSNBC does this interview then brings on Cornell Belcher to shame blacks in South Carolina who support Yang? You guys are pieces of crap.

  25. It works just like the magical "$1000 for everyone": TAXING THE MIDDLE CLASS AT 70% don't pretend like it's not. Anyone who thinks otherwise failed economics.

  26. He said not immediately so he will get rid of people’s private insurance. He sounds like Kermit the frog when he talks

  27. Sorry yang but im voting for bernie!! But im sure you'll have an awesome role in a Sanders administration.

  28. Yang is garbage here's his plan I'll break it down. Free everything for everyone all paid for by magic. Same plan as the other Democrats.

  29. Hayes you try to corner Yang but he schooled you with Knowledge and Data, also how rude of you for cutting him off at the end and not letting the #YangGang cheer for him.

  30. I like Yangs requirement that consumers have skin in the game. I believe that is important for both medical care and college. The problem with free is people will abuse and game the system. The problem we have now is people just can’t afford either. I like Yangs proposal to make it affordable to all but with some cost to prevent abuse and waste.

  31. Can you msnbc butt kissers please explain why Chris-Hater is over here trying to look AND sound like Ben Shapiro, but projecting mainly unsuccessfully with a hint of a…Alex Jones vibe? In part with both how he presents himself and how he nit picks one’s political perspective in the democratic limelight?

  32. How uncomfortable Chris is. I can see why Andrew talks to msnbc again but msnbc…it s a shame. I used to think that they hold a higher standard than fox

  33. Seriously, how can we end this level of media bias, this mind control…sans violence…the gerontocracy that the united states is under is headed up by the media corporations and they're destroying the planet, destroying mental health, destroying hope and happiness, and if this continues we will likely see revolution or civil war again. How do veterans like myself and others who truly have the nation's best interest at heart, kindly but firmly and definitively shut down this false communication and false narrative that the MSM and the Coke Brothers and the congressional military industrial complex put forward? If we just wait for the heads of these giant corporations to pass away, ITT'l be too late…every single one of them needs to step down immediately.

  34. As a black man, I’m very disappointed in the comments displayed by the panel and Cornell Belcher following this interview. As a black man in an influential position, you should be commending black voters who take the time out of their day to show up and support a candidate running for any office. You know for a fact that the Yang campaign did not pay these people to be there. They weren’t promised something to be there. They were there because they wanted to be. And to downplay the significance of their support because you think they are few, is insulting. I applaud everyone in South Carolina who came out for Yang. It takes conviction to sacrifice your time and show up to a rally for a political candidate, especially a non-black candidate. And to Mayor Hopkins, thank you for the endorsement.

  35. STILL WE DON’T NEED MSNBC. YangGang Still don’t trust MSNBC. No guarantees. 2016 I was Hillary supporter, but Trump was a right on MSNBC or NBC.and Media. or YouTube Andrew Yang.

  36. Hayes always comes after Yang with these questions. I think this is almost verbatim the same questions as after the last MSNBC debate. Time for some new questions Chris cause all this has been answered, unless you got nothing else?

  37. ANDREW YANG is the only thing worth watching on MSNBC. President Yang needs more respect from this station #Yang2020 #youtubeAndrewYang

  38. Why can you not have universal health care (medicare for all) with insurance companies providing the additional benefits such as first class rooms, special gourmet meals while hospitalised, elective cosmetic surgery (such as breast enlargement), elective dental surgery (such as titanium implants), and other added luxuries that the rich would like to have.

  39. MSNBC has really revealed itself to be dishonest. Ying by omission is a lie. And this interview starts with a cringy gotcha attempt. They are focusing on the wrong things for their profits, not to inform voters about outstanding candidates like andrew yang. I support yang 100% and have stopped watching MSNBC altogether.

  40. He is a scam artist. No one wants their health insurance company. They are the corrupt part of this.

  41. Yang wants to give whites 1k repreparations for being descendants of slavers..he also said Trump isn't the problem.. He also is fox news friendly>>>>>> #HARDPASS

  42. Andrew Yang is right. You don't have to go full-blown Venezuela. UBI is good enough as a first step to address inequality.. even though, as he clearly stated, it's not his only policy!

    This is why he is a better candidate than Bernie. Andrew Yang knows the dangers of socialism, but is still willing to fight the evils of capitalism.

  43. MSNBC is so bias. Their behavior pushed many Americans to Trump's camp. MSNBC is why we have Donald Trump in the WH today.

  44. All these "Yang can't win" comments are gonna age real bad a couple months from now. When caucus time comes, the most viral, most motivated, most passionate and most well-informed group will come out on top. Then we'll be laughing, but not out of pettiness, but out of the joy of changing our country for the better.

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