Advantages of an Independent Mortgage Broker

Ready to buy a house? Do you
know what you have to spend but still have
some questions about securing a
mortgage? We’re
clueless about getting a mortgage. Some
people say go to the bank some people don’t. We don’t even
know where to start. I’m Matt Ishbia, President and
CEO of UWM. We’re the number one wholesale
mortgage lender in America. We work with
thousands and thousands of mortgage
brokers to help them get a great deal for
their consumers while making the
mortgage process simple and easy for
everybody. Hi
i’m Lisa Lund with the Lund Mortgage
team and I’ve helped over eighty thousand families achieve the
dream of homeownership. I really look
forward to helping Jimmy and Monica
understand the mortgage process. So you guys
are starting to look for a home huh? Yeah we
are. It’s really exciting you
know, your first time buying a home is such
an exciting part of someone’s life. So
obviously the fun part is looking for
houses and figuring out what the right
one for you guys is, but also we recommend people always kind of
figure out the financing part first. You know
the mortgage process so they say. Right. So it’s really important
to try to get the financing taken care of
before you even start looking so
therefore you can find what exactly what you
can afford, how much you’re gonna
have to pay on a monthly basis so you can
really pick the right house for your
family. Okay where do we even start
looking for something like that? Yeah so you want to find
a local mortgage broker. Someone in your community that
can help shop for you, helping you find a
great deal. Help figure out what
your exact situation is and figure
out how to solve for it with the financing
needs that you need. You know the
thing is that they are almost like your coach,
your advocate when you’re buying a home and
they make it easy. You know cause
mortgages, no one wants to do a mortgage process
so finding a mortgage broker that’s
licensed and independent that can shop on
your behalf and basically make it an easier
process for you so you can focus on the
home and what color paint you want and
the windows and all those things
that you want rather than worry about the
mortgage process. Why can’t I
just go to my bank like my parents did? Well your
bank is going to only have one option
for you. As an independent
mortgage broker we’re able to take the
stress off of the mortgage process where
you were able to shop that mortgage for
you and we can get wholesale rates as
opposed to your bank going to give you a
reach rates. So we’re a cheaper option
as well. That’s all we do, your bank does
other things such as credit cards and
auto loans and home loans all we do
is specialize on home loans. We’re
licensed we take continuing education and
this is what we do so we’re your partner
throughout the process to take the
stress off of you guys. Okay so
you guys are like our coach and you get
your contractor discount? Yes just
like if you were a painter as a painter you
have all these contracts with different
paint companies and you’re able to buy
that paint at a cheaper rate, a
wholesale rate. Whereas if you were just to walk
into a paint store yourself you’re
gonna get the same exact paint but you’re
gonna pay more for it. It’s the same
concept as using an independent mortgage
broker rather than your bank. So where
do we even find a local mortgage
broker? It’s
really easy just go online and type in
to find a mortgage broker dot com and
you’ll find a local mortgage broker in
your area that basically can help shop
for you, do the legwork for you, make the
process easy. That sounds great
for us! Yeah that sounds great. It was really great working with
Matt and Lisa and now we’re ready to find
a mortgage broker in our
neighborhood. Monica and Jimmy have a better
understanding of their mortgage options
now and soon they will get down to some
serious house-hunting. (Music)
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  1. Credit Unions offer some fantastic rates. I would trust my local credit union more than a mortgage broker.

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