Hello my name is Savannah and I’m going
to talk you through a range of accommodation we have an offer here at
Aberystwyth the University. Before that there are two important things I
want to mention. Firstly, all first year students are guaranteed a place in
university accommodation provided you apply before the 1st August on the
year of entry or the 1st September for postgraduates and accept your
accommodation offer before the given deadline. While you can be guaranteed a place in university accommodation in your first year we cannot guarantee any
specific hall of residence although our accommodation team will do
everything in their power to meet your requirements. Most students will accept
their guarantee for their first year and then apply for university accommodation
or private sector housing for the rest of their course. Also for the last two
academic years all returning students who applied for university accommodation
were offered their first choice and if they wanted were able to choose who they
lived with. This could be you too. Alongside many of the benefits for your
health and well-being, a FREE Sports Center Platinum Membership is now
included as part of your accommodation fees. This provides unlimited access for
the fitness suite, free weights room, swimming pool, climbing wall, exercise
classes and more. Right, now on to the range of accommodation we have here, all
of which is within easy walking distance of the main Penglais Campus. Make sure you
check out the 360 degree virtual tours to see what they look like too. Starting
in town, our seafront residences are obviously
right along the coast of Aberystwyth with with a mix of standard and ensuite rooms.
Some have beautiful sea views to wake up to. There are flats of between 2 and 12 people sharing, with a total
of 466 spaces. On to the main campus now. Pantycelyn-Penbryn is our
catered accommodation where students studying and living through the
Welsh-medium can choose to live. Flats of 20 people sharing and a total student
population of 60. At the top of campus is Cwrt Mawr, standard self-catered
accommodation with flats of 8 to 10 people sharing, and a total population of
585. There are two options. Price band 1, which is
self-catered accommodation or Price band 2, which is part cated accommodation.
Right next to Cwrt Mawr is Rosser. Ensuite accommodation with flats of 8 people
sharing, and a total population of 332. Rosser G is our postgraduate student
accommodation, en-suite, self-catered and flats of 10 people sharing and a total
population of 60. Across from Rosser G is Trefloyne, standard self-catered
accommodation with flats of 7 people sharing and a total population of about
83 students. A 5-minute walk from the main campus is Pentre Jane Morgan, our
student village, which its standard self catered accommodation. Each house is
shared by 5 to 6 students with the total population of 1,000
spaces. Last in the list, adjacent to Pentre Jane Morgan, is
Fferm Penglais, our newest residence. This is a state-of-the-art, self-catered
accommodation with flats of 6 to 8 people sharing and a total
population of 900. There are also 100 self-contained studio rooms, if living in
shared accommodation isn’t for you. Plus if you’re a Welsh speaker you can apply
to live in Welsh-medium flats. So, there are a wide range of options available to
suit your individual needs. All accommodation is sessional meaning your
license length starts in September and ends in June, or September, including
weekends and university breaks too. You can find out more information including a full
breakdown of accommodation fees, what’s included in accommodation fees, food
packages and more by visiting: or asking a question on the Live Chat.
Thanks for listening

Paul Whisler

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