Accommodation (undergraduate): Favell House

Pictures from the outside are more
daunting than it is inside,it is nice. It’s nice on the inside, a
lot nicer than other uni accomodation I’ve seen, but from the
outside….Yeah it’s not a pretty sight. I put Goldney first but I think
that quite a lot of people did. But then I got Favell, it was a bit of a shock at
first, becuase I’d never really heard of it before. So I kind of looked at my accomodation form and I
was like, ‘Oh Favell House, that’s interesting’. I think just our pure, our first initial
hatred of the place really united us. And then we actually lived
here and thought it’s actually alright, we, people, I think we
say it’s worse than it is. Yeah….friends come and they
say ‘what you going on about? it’s nice it’s big, it’s comfy you’ve
got a good bed, good sized bedrooms. I think we bonded over our mutual dissatisfaction,
but now ‘I like it’…I like it, yeah. But then you walk in it’s got a
nice reception area, nice and open…yeah. Double beds…’Double beds’, the lifts are
working, the kitchens are nice and modern as well. Umm, if you’re in a bigger flat you get two
cookers as well, which is really, really useful. Um, bathrooms are a good size.
it’s light as well. You know like some university
rooms are really dingy. But because like Favell was, I
think used to be office blocks, it has masive windows, so your room’s
got real light, which is ideal. Favell house is a very interesting place to live.
It’s close to everything really. The Shops, sports
centres, it’s close to the fun, clubs, it’s
good for everything. There’s a gym litrally two minutes away,
Cabot Cicus is a another cool place. That’s again ten minutes in the other direction. And there’s loads of restaurants, ‘so
many restaurants’ and a cinema, and the night clubs are, literally five or
ten minutes walk from here, it’s… Stoke Bishop come down to us
I’ve had like people from Stoke Bishop stay at mine, bcecause
they have to get taxis back after. And we’ve got the amazing TV which is
a very interesting time for everyone to come down and discuss about football, which is very interesting…yeah. We don’t have a social area,
like a common room, apart from the foyer. But like you still meet like
a full ammount of people. Well I’m living with, next year I’m living
with a lot of people from upstairs. And I’m moving with the people next door, so… yeah you do meet people. Yeah…it’s really, really easy to meet
people, especially durring fresher week. If you have a noisy flat mate then you
can hear music, you can hear everything. Sometimes that’s really annoying but usually
if you just knock…they get the message. It is really expensive, but then we’ve
got the location which…yeah we have got the location, which is what we are
paying, for yes it’s a prime location. And the money you probably
save in taxis, Yeah I reckon you do save a good couple
of hundred quid a year. I think at night, because it’s a central location you
do get quite a lot of groups of people walking by. There’s a guy who sings outside quite a lot. Music maybe on a Friday night or a Saturday
night, it’s expected, it’s not unsociable at all. It’s just part of the city experience,
it’s just lively but, I like it. I work in my room all the time.
Yeah I work in my room. Just pop up to the library if you need
some books, then stay up there for a bit. But you know it’s not noisy…no..not really. I came from a very small village, so the
city was just a massive, massive change. And I dont feel, don’t feel unsafe at all,
I mean walking the quieter streets at night If you come back from a night out or
from a social up at university, it’s … I don’t feel… I don’t think I have
ever felt unsafe here actually. There’s always, there is always
someone around, that’s the difference. Yeah there is always someone around, that’s the thing
with city centre, there is always someone around. I didn’t choose to live in Favell
House, I chose to be at the Hawthorns, but I believe that my decision
was wrong when I got to Favell House. Because my flat mates, floor mates, everyone has
made Favell House, a beautiful experience for me. Everything about Favell House, I can’t forget
it’s like an experience I don’t want to forget.

Paul Whisler


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