Accommodation (undergraduate): 43/45 and 61/63 St Michaels Hill

There’s 2 properties in St Michael’s Hill,
they’re a few houses down from each other. From our house it’s about 2 minutes to get
to Uni, backs onto the university precinct The Sports centre’s right opposite
our library. It’s about a 2 miniute walk from
where I live. With the Art and Social Science Library just
up the road. About a five minute walk from Park St, about
10 minutes from Cabot Circus. So we’re right in the centre really. I mainly go to Woodland Road
but for everyone it’s really close no matter
where you’re based really. Also it’s a really nice
place to live. There’s nice bars and
pubs and things to go to. It’s a nice friendly area, really close to
everything. There’s a Co-op at the top of the hill. And there’s a Sainsbury’s
up in Cotham that we go to. You get to know the local area really well. So you get you know a bit more
involved in different places Where as I think living further out you don’t
necessarily get to know everywhere so well. So I live in 61-63 St Michael’s Hill,
but a few houses down is 43-45. It’s really similar to this
house, a little bit smaller. So you’ve got 8 single bedrooms
and single sex rather than mixed. But apart from that it’s
pretty much exactly the same. You’ve got you know the same
proximity to everything So 61-63 St Michael’s Hill is
like a big terraced house. It’s two knocked into one. There’s eight single bedrooms,
and eight double bedrooms. With a large common room and two kitchens. It’s quite quiet when you want to work. You know, not loads of noise around the
place. Close to work if you want to
get a job, quite large rooms. Lovely big kitchen as well, and
obviously the common room. We all have a communal space to work in and
just kind of hang out, its’ really nice. All of us in the house
spend a lot of time together, have meals together
and things like that. Go out together, it’s really nice. We got the TV put in, over
the Christmas holidays. And we always watch films together,
we cook together quite a lot. We go to Royal Fort Gardens when
it’s sunny, things like that. And yeah…just study
together sometimes as well. Yeah we’ve got a washing machine
we all share downstairs. And there’s radiators we all dry out
clothes in the front room really yeah… It was my first choice, because I
knew I’d be working in Cabot Circus, so I wanted somewhere close by.
And also, I just really liked the idea of living
in the city centre. That’s why I chose to live here. I think people worry that when
they get into student houses because it’s a bit of a smaller house
they’re not going to meet as many people. But I think you definitely meet people.
You’ve got St Michael’s Park up the road. You’ve got the other student house down the
road at St Michael’s Hill. So you meet people through there
and even though a few of my friends were disappointed when
they didn’t get into halls All of them are really happy now and they’re
really glad they live her actually. You still meet a lot of people even though
you’re not in that big halls environment. And we’ve decided to stay
in a similar area next year. Only a 15 minute walk away,
so it just goes to show, It’s a lovely place to live and definitely a
good choice for first year.

Paul Whisler

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