Accommodation Guide – Walsall Campus

To live here is fantastic, out of choice, I’ve lived here for the three years. I chose walsall Campus because its the most modern campus, I’ve found. It’s the most sociable, it was buzzing, it seemed like a place I wanted to be. On Campus there is On Suite and Standard accommodation available. Everything’s included, like electric, heating… You do get a large cohort of people based here. And they are all friendly as well. There’s three places to eat on campus… there’s the refectory, I eat there most days when I have lectures throughout the day. We’ve got the Student Union, which we know as the “Squeeze Box”. Which does food, generally, I like the Pizzas or Bugers or Wedges. We also have a Starbucks that does paninis, Sandwiches, crisps, cakes, that kind of thing. Just behind me is the Performance Hub, which is a massive theatre plenty of seating, good sound, lighting, high tech technology, Really good stage, perfect for performances really! The Performance Hub is the main site for people to get their studies done. It’s fantastic because theirs two floors of books that are all subject related, along with that, is two floors of computers with it. There are pods, so, basicly what you can do is book a pod out and its a big table, where you can sit and get on with presentations. If you become a resident within the accomadation you do get free gym membership. We’ve got state of the art facilities, including a sports science lab. We’ve got three courts that are available to use, we’ve got a fully Astro Turfed field ready for football and multi purpose events. Specifically, more on site, we have a new state of the art gym and included with that is a swiming pool aswell. If you want to socialise you can go the the SU which is based on this Campus. You can go to just relax, have a drink with your friends. In terms of the Student Union, I use it if were going on a night out, it’s a great place to go and get drinks. I would defiantly recommend the campus, it’s a lovely place to be, it’s modern, it’s exactly what you want in terms of University. The social side of it is fantastic! I made loads of new friends since i’ve been here and it’s just a great place to be.

Paul Whisler

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