Accommodation Guide – Telford Campus

I had the option of staying in town but the distraction was my main concern. I liked the calm environment here when i came to check it out. The atmosphere at Telford is quite relaxed. I mean, there’s a lot of people here but it’s mainly to study. Telford is quiet and I think it’s good to be in a quiet environment if you want to do your independent study. The town centre is quite good! You have everything there from ASDA to House of Fraser. There is a bus, which takes you there. It’s about ten minutes away, so its not expensive to get to town at all. It’s quite cheap and the rooms are quite big. It’s on suite and the showers good, everything’s perfect. It’s got everything you need in there. Study desks and everything, you can just move in basically and everything is there. It’s real short to classes, so you can leave five minutes before a class and thats a big plus. Theres a wide variety of sandwiches, hot meals, they do all the classic dishes you’d expect, as well as a salad bar, which im always having. Loads of choice for all the different meals. All our meat has to be Red Tractor, fish has to be MSC certified and our vegetables have to be locally grown. Its nice to know that the ingredients that we are using are all local. For a coffee i’d go down to Go Deli because theres a Barista there that serves all the coffee’s you can think of. The learning centre here is very good. theres loads of books, lots of computers. I’m doing engineering, so I need some software. We have a separate room that has all the software we could need as engineering students. I.T facilities here are quite good, the library is open twenty four hours. If you need any books from the city they can order it for you. It comes over here and you just pick it up here. You don’t have to travel all the way to city to get one book. Telford has got a basket ball court, just behind you. I play every now and again in the evenings. They have a full sized football pitch, which I use all the time. I enjoy football, so it’s nice just to have a kick around. The environment is tranquil It’s just your campus and your self, so if you really want to focus and get a good grade, this is the campus to be.

Paul Whisler

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