Accommodation – At home with Bournemouth University

[KNOCKING SOUNDS] Hi ya, come on in! [MUSIC] Can you move over at all Jack? No! It’s a five bedroom flat, all ensuite. Which is really good because she takes forever
in the shower. Oh it’s so long. And we also have this great common room. It
has tv, tv license and everything. You get about three to seven people per house. It’s a shared bathroom situation, but everyone
gets their own wash basin in their own bedrooms. Right near the main campus, which is Talbot
Campus. There’s the six of us isn’t here. Yeah. Plus the three other girls. The rooms have all got an en-suite , they’re a
decent size aren’t they? We have six rooms, we have like really spacious
rooms and it has en-suites. We have a like really big living space there
which you can sit in. So we live in a unilet house. We’ve got the university as our landlord and our estate agent. A lot of the time you have a designated parking
spot or somewhere close enough for you to park. There are only like four or five of us maximum
in a unilet house. Living together you kind of find that people
start taking up roles. I take on a bit of a role of the head chef. You’re the flat dad, you’re quite responsible. I was definitely the mum of the house. Doing the tidying and taking out the bins. Where as you like cleaning don’t you. Yeah, I love cleaning, it’s my favourite thing to do. [LAUGHTER}] And I’m the angry neighbour, who just complains. We always support each other and just like
sit in the living and end up gossiping. Or just helping each other with moans and groans
and problems. Lilly and I work for Res Life. We are part
of the Res Life team. Reslife is really just all about getting students
out of their halls, out of their houses. Meeting new people, trying new things. So Res Life, they are second year or first year
students, who actually live in the halls of residents with you. So if you’ve got any issues or you’ve got
anything like that you can go and talk to them without having to go talk to university
staff. They are students that just live here that
just make everything just brilliant for everyone. They put on events and they take you out and
they do everything for free, so you just show up and have a good time. A lot of our activities involve outdoor activities
and indoor activities. So we like to cater to different groups of
people and we focus especially on people that are a bit more reserved and and find it a
bit hard to get out on their own and make friends. There is so much to do around Bournemouth. So we’ve got all of the bars, cafes and places
to socialise. The biggest thing has got to be the beach. Everyone knows Bournemouth and Poole for their
beaches. Yeah it’s like a five minute walk to the gym, which is convenient because that’s what gets you to go. We’ve got the new cinema complex in the town
centre. They have like a light festival as well in
autumn time. There are a lot of interesting places around
Bournemouth as well. Like places in Dorset and there’s Boscombe,
Poole. Bus passes are really good I think, because
it comes as part of your rent anyway. So having that bus pass you not only get the
university buses, you get the M1 and M2 and just get into Bournemouth. They’re so regular and that sort of thing
aren’t they. I just love that you can just literally go
to the beach, have a barbeque, go to the park and just chill with your mates. I was excited in the lead up to uni, but then
like one or two days before I was like oh I’ve got to live on my own, like no family. I’d say I felt quite nervous in that it’s
five hours away from home. I think I was most concerned about becoming
familiar with the town itself, because I get lost really easily. Eventually I just got used to everything in
terms of the course and the area. So when I first started coming to university
I was really quite nervous, I think we all sort of were. I think that the Students Union and the university
all came together to actually help you make loads of new friends. It was quite nice because everyone made everyone
feel at home. You almost don’t want to now go home. Now
you’ve met everyone you’re like I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go see my mum. The uni provides pretty much all the basic
essentials in the kitchen. Kettle, microwave, that kind of thing. You just had to bring cutlery, pots and pans,
that kind of thing. When going to uni your like – I’ve remembered
everything. There’s nothing I’ve forgotten. And within like two days you realise I need
all this stuff. I do need a potato peeler. Oh a potato peeler oh my gosh, that was so
useful to me. So far I’m loving uni. The best decision of my life and I’m not even
kidding. I don’t want to graduate [laughs]. So next year we’re all planning on living
together again, but we’ve actually got some friends from halls joining as well. To be honest I’m just really looking forward
to it. Yeah, I can’t wait.

Paul Whisler

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