Accepting your University of Edinburgh accommodation offer on the MyEd portal

Visit the MyED site and click “Login with EASE” Enter your username and password Click on the “Services” tab and “Launch Services” Click the correct Academic Year and Session then “Accept Contract” Check your personal details are correct and view the offer details. Check the period of residence is correct You should now read through the full terms & conditions of the offer which form a legally binding contract. There are 4 check boxes to select Step 3 allows you to choose your payment preference: Sponsored students can register their sponsorship details You can pay in full via international bank transfer or by credit card or UK debit card You can pay by Direct Debit in semester or monthly instalments You can only pay by Direct Debit if you have a UK bank account A payment summary is provided Even if the account belongs to a parent or guardian you need to confirm that this is not a business account Enter your account details… and confirm your email address confirmation of your payment set up will be sent here. This is NOT confirmation that your contract is accepted. You will be provided with a copy of the Direct Debit Mandate, if this was your preferred method Review and confirm your details. Instalment plans will only show a 1 pence balance for now You will be offered the option to make a part payment this is NOT compulsory This is the final step. One last check, and click “I accept the contract” You have now completed and fully accepted your contract.

Paul Whisler

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