A tip to make sure your property can get a mortgage

Hi, it’s Joanne here from Angel Property
Hub. I am at a 2 bed property that we have just purchased in Shoebury, that we
are doing a lot of work on. The property is a third floor flat and it is in an ex-council building where predominantly there are six flats within the building
and four of them are still council owned only two of them are privately owned, a
tip for you guys anything that is third floor or anything above second floor is
harder to get a mortgage on and anything that is in a building that isn’t
predominantly privately owned or ex -council again can be difficult to get a
buy to let mortgage on, much easier to get a red normal residential mortgage so
maybe those projects you want to be looking at to flip but anything that is
you are looking at a buy to let mortgage on it just make sure you do
your due diligence and you speak to your mortgage broker before you agree to
purchase it I hope that helps you guys have a great day and we’ll speak soon.

Paul Whisler

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