7 Rules of Investing For Beginners (start making money in your 20s)

Paul Whisler


  1. I've invested for over 20 years because someone in the Army told me to start investing. I started off investing with about $150 a month. Thanks for sharing this Jeff! 👍

  2. Rule no 1 – never lose money.

    Rule no 2 – never forget rule 1


  3. Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose provides huge value through the content he publishes. I follow also his advises when I create my own income sources! 🙂

  4. Great Content man! Been learning from you since 2 years ago! I became involved with PRIMERICA and learned I can invest into mutual funds for $25/mo. I’ve been doing that for the last 18 months. And increased it into $150/mo.

  5. I’m a little over 25 years into my investing journey, and I coincidentally have 25 stocks in my dividend growth portfolio. Now I focus on quality dividend companies, but the advice I’d tell my kids is just to invest in Vanguard broad market ETFs. :). Thanks for the vid!

  6. I am no where in my investing journey and I really need to start. I love your videos

  7. Who else is watching this in their 40s and wishing YouTube was a thing in the 90s??

  8. Loved, loved your YouTube video !! So much information and assurance as well looking into the future!

  9. Can you set up rules for beginners in their 40s Thank you
    I saw this on left corner of the screen Proverbs 12:15 way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.

  10. I love that board! And your content of course 😉😊👍

  11. Honestly, I'm pretty new to it. Not a complete newb, but maybe more advanced than a 101 class?

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  13. Question. Is cash app a good place to start investing? Just seen that they have stocks and Bitcoin

  14. So easy to start and start small now with brokerages going commission free on so many stocks and ETFs.

  15. Thanks to Adrian correira. Investing and trading with him has been the biggest step to financial freedom

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