1967 Chevy Camaro rescued from cluttered garage | Why I Drive – Ep 9

Paul Whisler


  1. Real nice car. I'm from New England. AKA the Rust Belt. We dont see cars that clean up here. 🚙🚙

  2. Sounds great, nothing like a grunty american v8. But are these not verboten in California yet ?

  3. 2:12 "push it around with my feet", I think a lot of classic car owners can relate to that!

  4. That's how I feel with my Thunderbird. It is no way perfect, but it gets me away from the stresses of life. It was my grandmother's since new, and now it's mine. I learned how to drive in it and made it clear that it was 'my car.' I can so relate to Jim. AWESOME video, and AWESOME car.

  5. Read more about Jim and his Camaro discovery here: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/09/26/1967-camaro-rescued-from-cluttered-garage

  6. Awesome, I want one too. My father and I rescued 2 69’s. One was a Z, and sadly sold it in 2001. Hagerty find me another one. 🙂

  7. This guy made me think twice. I realised that i dont need to lower my car to get attention. I have to enjoy it how it is

  8. Miss the days of true driver's cars. Now we are co-pilots only. Computers on wheels.

  9. I love camaro, 67-68-69 year it's my favorite car, but in my Russia we have a lot of problems with muscles cars. because in America this car cost 3000 $ (bad rust car), and in Russia this car cost 30 000$! sorry-my English is not so good(

  10. Very nice Jim. My younger brother has a '73 Z28 4-speed with only one repaint…everything else is original, nothing added. He's very careful about where he drives his car and I'm sure loses some sleep if he detects a scratch or a spot of oil, but overall it's basically a fine tuned time machine. I enjoy a two wheel version of your love for your car. It's an older Honda CBR600 which when I bought it had seen better days…no boxes piled on it or rats nests but it needed some significant tlc. Now, despite it not being perfect cosmetically it runs like fine tuned Seiko watch, never missing a beat. I don't mind that it has a few scratches and shows evidence of minor repairs to the fairings etc…but it's always detailed after every ride and ready to roll for it's next rip.

  11. "Full-size Hot Wheels". Reason enough. 🙂 One of the reasons why I hang on to my old car is that it was in a video game that I used to play.

  12. Very sweet ride ! I'm a Chevy man myself and love to get out and drive my 66 Chevelle SS . Ain't much better !

  13. Have no idea why someone would vote thumbs down but his story was good for him and me , so thanks!

  14. …Jim customized the new engine to appear as similar to the original 327 as possible, and the original now sits boxed up in his garage in case the desire for a numbers-matching restoration arises…

    That is the way to handle a car like this!

  15. Architect like myself, 69 Camaro, dad wouldnt let me have, I got handed a Rambler instead. 2018 Mustang here I come.

  16. Just like me …….. love my daily drive 74 El Camino. Its one of my four vintage GM cars, BTW.

  17. "Reviving" this car.. great way to do it, nut 'n bolt restos are not always needed or possible for a lot of us, but "reviving " certainly is!

  18. You hit the nail on the head Jim. I feel exactly the same way. Whether these cars need some work or they are trailer queens, they love to be driven.

    Mine is my therapy. The feel of the road. The sound of the motor. It all works on the human psych to bring us back to our sanity.

    GM advertised these Camaro's as "a FUN car to drive." They got that right!

    Also, the name "Camaro" means comrade or friend. WOW, this is so true. So many of us guys and girls feel the cars spirit when we are out on the road. We include it in our family trips and take pictures of it with the family. It is a true Comrade!

    Loved your video Jim.

  19. Years ago, in high school, the neighbor's bought a '67 Camaro very similar to this one for their son….this was the early 80s…the car was 15 to 16 years old….base model, straight six with a manual three speed on the floor….aquamarine color….very straight and clean other than some rust appearing in the quarters…and like every other car his parents gave him he wrecked it.

    We weren't exactly friends but he would invite me over to chat while he would work on his cars…and he would go through a cycle of really caring for them and then somehow destroying them…to the point we wondered how he could get insurance. For some reason, it bugged me that he wrecked this Camaro…I imagined owning the car and restoring it as is..dog dish hubcaps and all.

  20. To me, this first generation of the Camaro is the only one important. Perfect size, lightweight, awesome design.Everything. Proof on wheels that a good design is a lasting beauty.
    This example only miss the floor trans selector. Otherwise, awesome.

  21. If you lived in the 60s this is your connection to that time in you life. Hard to understand if you weren't there.

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  23. THE Idea.
    You camping-chair jockey, diaper-polishing Dbags take note. Shove your trailer queens up your garage.

  24. This guy gets it. not about money resale or anything else, just good for the mind;not a better stress reliver on the planet!

  25. One of the sexiest cars I ever owned was a '68 Camaro, and it wasn't even performance. It had a straight 6 and a 2 speed automatic… but it was a sweet ride. Paid 850.00 for it back in 1977.

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