10 Great Questions Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You to Ask (2018)

– I’m going to give you 10 questions that insurance adjusters
don’t want you to ask in personal injury claims
and other types of claims. Watch the entire video so you can see all 10 questions that insurance companies get bothered when you ask them. JZ helps, a Florida injury law firm. I’m Attorney Justin Ziegler. The first question that
insurance claims adjusters don’t want you to ask is, what are the insurance limits in the case? They don’t want you to ask this question because it shows that you may be trying to get the insurance limits, and that you’re more savvy
than your just average claimant and smarter than them. If insurance companies can do so, they want to avoid paying out the limits and pay as little as possible. Another question that
bothers claims adjusters and they don’t like being
asked is if you ask them, how much check-writing
authority do they have? You’re essentially asking them, how much can they write a check for without having to get supervisor approval. They may not want to answer that question because you may think
the value of your case is above their check-writing authority, and if that was the case,
you’d need a new adjuster assigned and they want to keep their file. The third question
insurance claims adjusters don’t like being asked is,
what is the settlement reserve? The reserve is an amount of money that an insurance company,
an insurance adjuster sets aside to pay your case. They don’t want to be asked that because then you have a better idea of how much they think
your case may be worth. The fourth question that claims adjusters don’t want you to ask is,
how much have they paid for the exact injury that
you’ve had, in the past for other claimants for
their pain and suffering? Insurance companies
keep very specific files that show how much they’ve paid for pain and suffering
for certain injuries. You’re not gonna have access to those, and if you ask the
insurance adjuster how much he’s paid in the past
for pain and suffering for your same injury, he’s
not going to tell you, and if he does tell you, rest assured that the number that he gives you is gonna be much lower than
what he’s actually paid because they rarely
like to show their hand. The best thing that you can do would be to look up past
settlements and verdicts using a jury verdict search reporter. That’s not gonna really give you the exact settlements and verdicts
with that particular insurance company. It’s gonna give you a ballpark value of the pain and suffering component of many different types of injuries, which you hopefully use
that to your advantage. The fifth question that
insurance adjusters don’t want you to ask is, “Mr. Adjuster, “how many cases have you
made an offer to a claimant “like myself, and then a jury has awarded “higher than that offer?” Rest assured that there’s
not an insurance company in Florida that has had
a case where they haven’t made an offer and at some point had a personal injury claimant go to trial and get a verdict in judgment
for higher than that amount. But there’s gonna be a slim chance that the insurance adjuster tells you which cases that happened in. Insurance adjusters are not always right with their offers and their
valuations of your claim. That’s why sometimes at a trial they get hit for large amounts. The sixth question that a claims adjuster does not want to get asked is, how many times has your
supervisor awarded a claimant and paid a claimant for an amount higher than you said your last final offer was? If you ask them that question, you’re generally going
to get the responses, “Speaking with my supervisor
is not gonna do any good. “You’re gonna hear the same thing.” But there are certain
times, and it happens often, where the supervisor just
has more settlement authority and he may just want to
get the file off the desk and closed, and he may award more money. There’s never a guarantee
it can happen all the time, but supervisor is a very powerful word. The seventh question claims adjusters don’t want you to ask is, what are the bad facts for your case? Many facts go into a personal injury case and many things affect the value. Witnesses are one of them. There’s a chance the insurance company knows about a witness that’s
horrible for their defense, such as someone who thinks
they’re insured with speeding or someone who saw a
substance on the floor a long time before you slipped and fell. Ask the adjuster what are
the worst facts in your case. You’re gonna get a good
idea of how many cards the adjuster is showing you. The eighth question a claims adjuster doesn’t like being asked is,
does your insurance company typically increase the offer
when a lawsuit is filed? They may say no, they may
not be telling you the truth, but the reality is, not in
every case but in many cases, when you file a lawsuit,
the case gets transferred to a different adjuster
who has more authority to settle your case,
essentially for more money. It goes to a higher level adjuster. Sometimes the reserves get increased. That’s the amount of money
set aside to pay the claim. It doesn’t always happen. There are certain insurance companies that stick to their final
offer before a lawsuit, but oftentimes insurance companies, particularly if they have
to pay an outside attorney and they’re not one of
the large auto insurers that has their own attorneys on staff, will increase an offer after
you’ve filed the lawsuit. I had a case against a
very large supermarket and they denied liability and forced me to file a lawsuit for my
client, who was injured when something fell on
her, and as soon as I filed the lawsuit, the insurance
adjuster gave me a call and she said, “I don’t know
what the other adjuster “was thinking,” which we hear this often. And she offered $18,000. Now, we continued to litigate that lawsuit and settled for more money, but oftentimes insurance companies will not be fair. You’ll file a lawsuit,
and the new adjuster will put all the blame
on the pre-suit adjuster, saying, “I don’t know
what they were thinking,” or the defense attorney
that’s assigned to the case will put blame on the prior adjuster who was handling the case. So sometimes a lawsuit can be huge. In one case, we represented a gentleman who slipped and fell. The insurance adjuster denied liability. We filed a lawsuit and
later settled for $300,000. So take what insurance adjusters tell you with a grain of salt. The ninth question that
claims adjusters don’t like being asked is, how much
is your insured at fault? Insurance companies have an
insured, who is their client. You’ve want to ask them,
“What percentage of negligence “are you placing on your insured?” Sometimes I’ve had cases where the insurance adjuster will tell me. “In this case where our
driver hit your insured, “we’re placing 60% blame on
our client, and 40% on yours.” So some of them will tell you. Some of them will say, “I’m
not gonna go into that. “That’s privileged information.” But knowing their insurance
percentage of fault or at least what they’re saying it is helps you understand why
they’re making the offer that they’re making, and you can see if what their percentage
of fault is in line with your evaluation. You need to know if their
insured is negligent. It’s one of the main
factors when evaluating how much your case is worth. Number 10. Insurance adjusters
hate when you ask them, how much blame are they assigning to you? Just like number nine,
sometimes they will tell you. I have had cases where
I’ve filed a lawsuit and the defense attorney says, “Listen. “We’re placing 25% to
50% blame on your client “for not seeing something
that she tripped over “that she should have
seen before she tripped.” Sometimes insurance
adjusters will tell me, “We’re placing 50% blame on your client “for crossing the road
in the middle of daytime “when she wasn’t in a crosswalk.” I actually had a case
like that where my client fractured her lower leg bone
and we settled for $70,000, but the insurance adjuster
let me get inside her head and she told me, 50% of the
blame they were accepting on their client and 50% on my client. As a bonus question, you
want to ask the insurer, if you had health insurance
that paid some of your bills, the health insurance is gonna have a right to recover money from your settlement if you reach a personal injury settlement, or may have a right. You’re gonna ask the insurance adjuster, “What percentage of the
health insurance lien “are you paying me back for?” See if they’re giving
you full reimbursement. The same is true with your medical bills. Ask them, if your medical
bills, out-of-pocket medical bills are 10,000, ask them, “Are you paying me for
100% of my medical bills?” They may tell you, they may not. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please subscribe to our channel. Please comment. Please like the video. I’m attorney Justin Ziegler
in Miami, serving Florida. Have a wonderful day. (hip hop music)

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  1. Thx 4 anutha gr8 vid, but I have a few questions? How do u really know that the adjuster will be telling the truth when u ask these questions? When asking these questions, isn't it like playing cards for why would the adjuster show their hand?

  2. Hi JZ, After watching your.."10 Great Questions Insurance Adjusters Don't Want You to Ask: How They May Increase Your Settlement
    video," is it okay to ask any of the questions to the adjuster, that you listed?

  3. JZ, first question: If I provide the physician notes for treatment at the urgent
    care and physical therapy sessions showing the treatment I received and
    diagnosis? What are some things in there that would hurt or strength my claim?
    Second question: what's the different in a doctor giving you time off from work vs a chiropractic giving you time off from work?

  4. Thanks!
    With all that being said, the claim adjuster stated, that I only had
    soft tissue damage and I should only been out of work 4-6 week and every
    thing should be fine. The damage to the car was priced and fixed at
    $3000, which they sent me a check for. (They do not have pictures of the
    damage car, is that a good think or bad thing?) I was rear ended at a
    stop light.
     The Chiropractor requested me 2-3 months off from work, because I move a
    lot of heavy work equipment. So I have my lost wages $10,000, ER bill
    $1300, chrio bill $4000, and medication $100. and with Pain and
    suffering I demanded $25,500. So can adjuster tell you that they only
    cover 4-6 week for slow tissue injury? The chrio notes listed I need
    that time off.

  5. Why are you giving me questions insurance adjusters hate and won't answer? How does that help me?

  6. JZ. so. if i tell the adjustor im in the mob. and ask him to meet me for dinner in a high end bistro in brooklyn. whats the probability. isettle. for more?

  7. What do you do when you have a home invasion and the insurance adjuster asks for jewelry receipts and/or pictures of jewelry. I just had this shituation happen. However a couple weeks prior I was having challenges downloading pictures off my iPhone 7 onto the computer because my computer was full, so the computer geeks erased my pictures. I absolutely can prove they did.

  8. Hello sir. I have accident the airbag comes out and the front car bumper and hood have damage. And my insurance told me my car is repairable. Do I have rights to tell my insurance that I want to totaled my car?

  9. Thanks for watching. If you liked it, please subscribe and hit the like button.

    Do you think that it's a good idea to ask the adjuster these questions? What do you think is the best question to ask?

  10. Justin:"someone's been pretending I'm nothing more than a pimple that's not going to surface…"
    (I'm a Chlamydial "Reiter's Disease" stage patient as I still haven't gotten treated properly with the antibiotics after 9 years and 4 months of 'wheedling' for that service has passed. And my HMO just contacted a recovery agency for the first time over my 11-22-17 Achille's Tendinosis complication/manifestation. But the disservices just continue to unbundle, unchecked, regardlessly…)

  11. They take your money but when you are in trouble they work against you . even if you are not in fault and your car is totaled . they are willing to drive you crazy . they work hard to prove that your accident is a minor so they don't have to settle.

  12. Very good tutorial.  I searched for "Dealing with Insurance Companies" and a number of your videos came up.  I'm trying to gain knowledge in managing an adjuster for a 100% loss of our motorhome/coach destroyed by a tree during a microburst weather event.  I'm expecting an offer to be made by my insurance company this coming week.  Hopefully they will offer a fair amount but I'm not expecting that to happen.  I now have a number of talking points, and a greater awareness of what insurance companies do to pay less.  Thank you.

  13. Can I hire an attorney after the fact if I don't like their settlement? I have not accepted their settlement, and they have withheld my lost wages for 6 months now. They are not considering the hardship this has caused and their driver was 100% at fault.

  14. Ok, so they don't want me to ask what the insurance limits are, but can I? And are they required to answer?

  15. Hi there loved the video and the channel in general and as an insurance adjuster that handles Washington I'd figure I would give my response to these questions were I asked. Also I can only speak for the office I work in and the company I work for however most of these questions aren't really a big deal we just can't / won't give you a direct answer for most but it doesn't hurt to ask us. As Mr. Ziegler put in a previous comment, it is not what you ask but how you ask it.

    Q1: what are the insurance limits. A: I cannot release that information without my insureds consent however I will call them and ask them if I can release what their policy limits are and get back to you.

    Q2: How much check authority do I have. A: I am sorry however I cannot release that information.

    Q3: What is the reserve. A: I am sorry however I cannot release that information

    Q4: How much have you paid for the same injury A: I am sorry I cannot release that information however there are many other factors that go into payment amount of an injury such as any existing injuries from a previous incident

    Q5: How many times has a suit increased the value of an offer. A: I am sorry however I am no trained to handle lawsuits that is the next claims level above me so I can't give you an accurate answer.

    Q6: How many times has your supervisor awarded higher offers A: I am sorry however I do not keep track of that if you would like however I can transfer you to their voicemail they will review the claim and call you back before end of business hours today if you would like.

    Q7: What are the bad facts for our case: A: simple I will tell them what I breached my insured on.

    Q8: Do you increase the offer if I sue A: I am sorry however I am not trained to handle lawsuits if you file a suit the claim will be transferred one level above me and they will review the file and call you within 1 business day.

    Q9 and Q10: What is your insureds percentage of fault and what percentage are you putting on me: A: similar to Q7 I will tell them my insureds fault and their fault (if any) and explain how that decision was made

  16. HELP!! I’m in a situation where I was driving and a person turned left in front of me ( clearly going too soon and not too sure she didn’t make sure) causing a collision and a dent in my front bumper. The person who drove the car in the accident is not the same who owns it. The person who owns the car is insured but they’re telling me they need to find out if the person who drove the car is insured in order to see who is covering the costs. They have not told me who is at fault.Does this that they were at fault and are just trying to buy time? What should I be saying at this point to speed this up and let them know I mean business? I’ve been dealing with this car accident for a month almost 2 now.

  17. I am watching these videos to prepare myself to know what to expect from an auto accident mitigation session. This is one honest down-to-earth attorney… that would not lose your case. I have learned so much and now know what questions to ask so I can evaluate if their settlement is fair.. as he says you're not winning the lottery… it's just fair.
    Thank you so much for putting this video on YouTube

  18. I just uploaded a video about a BAD Insurance company ,,, If I may ask What would be advised when after someone clearly runs a stop sign from the left on drugs or drunk or just on a cell phone and out in front of 2 lanes of traffic destroying the front my very nice 04 Jeep as a former Paramedic my Primary survey showed there was NOTHING wrong with her or the small baby girl "Unrestrained " in the back seat and she was up walking around looking to find her cell phone that was under her seat rather than ANY CONCERN for the baby makes a call and a teenage boy shows up stuffs something under his shirt and quickly walks away from the scene, then she gets back in her car and starts the law suit mode of I am Injured and need 'AMBOLAMSE" I was shocked when I saw EMS carrying her off and by the way she did not stop after being in the wreck she cause but she continued across about a 15ft grassy median and only stopped in the opposite HEADON LANE nearly causing a HEAD ON WRECK ,,,I am lucky to have a very nice guy stop and state he witnessed it because he was to my right just behind me and gave me his information, one second less and he would have hit her and she would have probably hit my right side, To think if I had been a 18 wheeler she and the baby would have been DEAD ,as a Former Paramedic Supervisor I have seen it happen where a Young teen just got her Driver License the same day she run a red light making a left turn in front of a 18 wheeler and it killed both of her Grand Parents who were sitting on the passenger side it was HORRABLE to witness this young girl screaming someone help them but there was nothing that I could do they were both GONE. Watch my Video State Farm Fail "F"

  19. Hi I had an accident a guy hit me head on while I was stop 🛑 it wasn’t that bad but I had some pain after hours but his Insurance doesn’t want to give me money for pain and suffering, they want me to pay out of pocket and then submit all medical records and bills and they would have to approve to reimburse me but I don’t have money for the doctor and no medical insurance. What can I do ? I remember that my wife got hit from back once and insurance immediately issued a check for 2,000 to her without asking anything or proof of injury or even a police report. Why the difference in this 2 cases ? Please help me.

  20. $300,000 for a guy who was already in a hard cast?What a joke, how much damage could have possibly been done to a previous injury already protected by a cast? Guys like this get over on the system while others who get hurt by under insured losers pay the price.

  21. Wow! I have not handled claims in Florida, but have handled thousands of claims in many other states mainly in the Southwest for over a decade and though it’s true adjuster often won’t answer those questions is sooooo of base it’s ridiculous. Also I have never failed to inform a claimant or an attorney what my percent of negligence to each party was and my reasoning for it

  22. Hey I started working on my car before I even thought about seeing if I had collision insurance can I still file for a claim ?

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