🔴 Is A U.S. Recession Coming? with Raoul Pal | Recession Watch

Paul Whisler


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  2. You are outright wrong … Trump is taking care of the long term not the short term!

  3. The US gov should just nationalize ATT so they can go head to head with China backed Huawei. As if ATT, Cisco et al, are not already co opted. Bad idea nevermind. ATT won't be downgraded, the Fed will lower rates before it's downgraded I suspect.

  4. Cant get enough! Truly informative and eyeopening didnt miss a single one and never Will. Til death do us apart.

  5. This was a fantastic video and I even shared it on Twitter. Thanks and I will keep digesting all of this and your other videos.

  6. der !

    bank of England crashed uk economy

    deliberately 73 80 87 94 2001 2007

    then trump called out the banks thus the 2015-17 crash skipped.

    then the boe rushed a couple of million square pegs to the round peg uk

    for divide n conquer later

    to aid their escape with uk assets ?

  7. I'm guessing with all the indicators to keep an eye out for, the Fed would be next one. Never hurts to prepare for rough days.

  8. Could somebody please explain how, at 5:41 through 6:18, Roaul and that family office's mortgages could go up 40% and 80% respectively?

  9. 20 years from now people are going to remember Renaissance pulling out of DB as one of the harbingers

  10. You speak so certainly of topics that are immeasurably complex. You also personify entire national economies as if they are individuals with the ability to make choices. That’s so far from true! This is mostly nonsense. Such is the case with a lot of macroeconomic speculation. I’ll keep watching for the drama and storytelling though. Thanks for the content.

  11. The speed at which you could move your business to China was the key to your success initially. Who didn't see this coming is my question? We used to be sceptical about our products saying made in China on them but our officials didn't care. Now that the Chinese have used this reliance on lower pricing against us on the backs of their people, everyone is surprised we are their bitch. I've already welcomed the fact that I'm or will be China's bitch.

  12. A shortage of dollars. (A) Have the Fed print more money for the benefit of the EU. (B) Find out who is hoarding US dollars. Once we find out who the culprits are that are hoarding cash Congress could force those minimum wage workers that have so much saved to store that money in European banks and provide liquidity for whom? That's a joke, middle class and lower economic class Americans are not hoarding cash. Most likely it is large U.S. Investment companies. Or perhaps the U.S. is not buying enough European goods, which trade problems with China could prove beneficial to to Europeans – but we want to make stuff also, the U.S. doesn't want to swap the problems we have with China with Europe. A bilateral trade agreement with with the EU is simpler for the EU and it's leaders but favors France and Germany and the U.K. if they stay in the EU. How about Italy, Spain, Portugal – is a unilateral trade agreement better for those countries or Poland or other Eastern European countries. -For any that would like to point out the error of thinking and overview of strategy please reply and be expected to provide air fare and hotel accommodations and spending money for where you'd like to meet and explain the error of my ways.

  13. One of the most level-headed, straight-forward, and researched presentations I've ever seen about this topic. It was kind of like taking an online training course in the financial markets. Thanks so much — it has me seriously considering what to do with my investments. I don't have much now but that's even more reason to move wisely.

  14. Really bummed I didn’t know about Real Vision until after the sweepstakes ended! 🤬😤. You guys are the best – absolutely love your content!

  15. I dont view the breakup of Google as a bad thing in the long term, since it would mean more competition for tech and more jobs

  16. I disagree, that the Fed needs to cut 50 and 50. It is much better to slowly lower the rate by 25 twice between now and summer 2020. This will not scare the markets and will serve to move closer to other G7 nations rates. We need to have some reserves to react to possible recessions.

  17. Christine is a corrupt criminal, the ECB can just print money and buy stocks?? plus cut rates

  18. Very interested content, awesome detail. even coming from one of the smallest economies in New Zealand.
    I try to get bored info and there is one thing that I can see a cross in and the 2 markets don't have anyone joining the dots.
    FDA are holding out on figures (I think because they don't know) market info are talking huge losses in crops , we are about to walk into crop shortages and with that a spike in food costs with a massive hole in consumer discretionary spending. Could it be the tipping point you financial guys are looking for?

  19. Always learn something when watching Real vision. Blows my mind every time thanks RVF

  20. NWO agenda going as planned. It seems an economic problem, which it is, but a planned one,evryone broke,all assets taken over, one world government,one SDR type money, total control of economy and people, compliance ensured by total surveillance.

  21. 5:00 minutes of the video: Fed raised rates 1 time in the 8 years of the Obama admin. Then 8 times in a row after Trump is elected, gee I wonder…?

  22. Do you mean Bear Inverse type bond ETF's like DTUS (iPath US Treasury 2-year Bear Exchange Traded Note)? If so, what sort of timeline?

  23. wow this is a great assessment of the global economy. Normally these economic pundits are pushing something at the end…..like gold and silver…tho those are great investments, it does taint the message or the person trying to convey the message. Very much appreciate this detailed breakdown or outline of where things are going.

  24. Super talk. Best I've heard.
    Buckle up. In spite of the out come of the China trade talks, the Markets are in for a rough ride.

  25. Listening to this and read that Ford Bonds have been downgraded to JUNK. Excellent video Raoul Pal .
    I sold everything……..no more risk for me.

  26. I have found this video educational, I know nothing about this but have a growing interest. Thank you

  27. Recession is a cycle. If you are not IN a recession, you are HEADED to recession. Like health if you don't have a cold you are headed to your next one.

  28. yes but trump is only making things worse and the republicans who back him up are fans of bankruptcy

  29. I have really enjoyed the discussions on the Economy in China. (In 2 different videos – Kyle Bass?) excellent. I would like to hear more from him. You two work well together.

  30. 1,000% correct analysis, unfortunately it ignores the potential for the Fed to take action and lower rates, combined with possible fiscal stimulus, as well as a band-aid resolution to the China trade issues. If any or all of those happen the Death Loop gets pushed out…so how do you bet on the Fed and the Government?

  31. Buy companies with zero debt or low debt with plenty of cash on hand to survive the downturn.

  32. Excellent commentary and interviews on this channel. Any chance you bring Martin Armstrong on for an interview?

  33. Blah, blah, blah.
    Same old song and dance of the gloomsters. There is no apocalypse coming.

  34. Thanks for sharing this! It feels like the bumpy road ahead is about to break all our suspensions…

  35. You’re a genius bro. You remind me of a really insightful family member who was my mentor for me. You think for yourself and cams to your own conclusions. Keep it up homie. Wishing you peace.

  36. Finished the video.
    You’re officially the MacroKing of YouTube and you gave us various data points to follow and consider for ourselves before we make a move, thank you!

  37. I think that property market declines again because people's, wages are stagnant, discretionary consumer spending is dropping quickly now, car sales dropped 16% … so the Tesla gigafactories cant be paid off, Tesla gigafactories have to shut down .. Nissan is finished anyway… and that kicks in. IPhone love is diminishing, people getting sick of Facebook etc
    Food agric can be our saviour but soil improvement large scale required, more fish farms urgently needed.. this will help.

  38. you are not a doomsdayer at all. I live in Australia, the baby boomers have got most consumer articles so they stop buying, stop travelling.. you get sick of crowds everywhere, so the only thing general baby boom consumers want is electric cars but in Australia they are so expensive $72000 for Tesla Model 3 , so we hold off and keep ( including me) my newish and brilliant ICE car. Jobs are changing with AI, 3D manufacturing, so business is in chaos during this tumultuous period of change. So because they might not keep their job due to business tumult, they pull back spending.. This change in 21st century is about security, financial security and job security. start saving and reskilling as businesses are unable to cope with change unless they adapt well into the new AI economy. If you are a military contractor you might have a mire secure job.

  39. Managing multiple manufacturing plants all over Asia, your insight was very helpful on how I should manage risk in the upcoming years. Thank you very much. Do you have any opinions on how bad the Korean economy will be affected by the global recession we are going to face?

  40. I'm out of stocks so hopefully this happens at it's worse possible case. Then right back into stocks and earn another 300% like we've done in the past 10 years.

  41. Very interesting video which points me in some clear direction some of which I already knew gold and silver. However I want I'll had some bitcoin and us treasuries.

  42. The fed just lowered rates…… Hello wake up we are in one already or heading for one wake up people WAKE UP ALREADY….

  43. In my opinion, your wrong! If President Trump wins in 2020 and wins both Houses with a major majority, there will not be a recession! He will lower corporation and individual taxes! He will cut even more government regulations, plus do more trade deals.

  44. Thank you Raoul. I admit I would be incapable of re-verbalizing all you presented, nor have the visualization tools to put this all so beautifully together. I however fully commit to what you gave me. 'Great' insights and 'great' education. I apologize for this shortcoming, but this presentation, it just 'feels' very right. So again, Thank You!!

  45. 11:14 " That ..Rate of change." Matters for the Earth's ecology.. Weird it's like everything is connected…

  46. I'm already subscribed. So many voices in the world! Do this. Follow me. Save yourself. Who is right? The only credible voice for the most part is being rejected. Why?

  47. Federal reserve wants to take down our president, I look forward to the day we take them down. We audit them, and put them in prison. These Bankster’s!
    Jefferson ward what would happen if you allowed private banks control of your money. First through inflation, then through deflation, your children will wake up homeless and bankrupt in the country their fathers Conquered.

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