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Today’s topic: Emirate s Salary and Accommodation Hi Orlando from WishCasting! We’ll be touching the following topics: 1) Emirates cabin crew salary
2) Travel allowances 3) Emirates Accommodation We’re not paid for these videos so subscribing
and liking helps us a lot! Salary is made of basic salary + flying pay Basic=4260 AED=1160 USD
Flying Pay=62.25 AED/hour=16.67 USD/hour You can fly between 80 and 100 hours, so average
of 90 hours, makes it 1500 USD You can fly up to 120 hours per month sometimes,
so expect a higher salary. Your total salary is=1160 USD + 1500 USD
=2660 USD/month As you progress in your career your basic
salary increases and so does your hourly pay! You start in Economy with the lowest pay and
as you get promoted to business class, first class, supervisor and then purser, your salary
goes up. Tendentially, at the peak of your career,
you’ll end up earning around 5000 Dollars per month as a Purser. On top of that, emirates cabin crew receive
allowances in local currency on every layover disbursed at the hotel to cover the price
for meals of a 24 hour stay in that hotel. Emirates cabin crew can get up to 6 layovers
or more per month depending on your roster. If for example your allowance is of 80 USD,
6×80=480 USD per month on top of your salary we spoke about before. Here’s some examples of layover money:
-New York 120 USD -Orlando 134 USD
-Los Angeles 162 USD -Dublin 53 EUR
-Amsterdam 76 EUR -Milan 93 EUR
-Dusseldorf 82.50 EUR -Manchester 44.50 GBP ACCOMMODATION: You can choose to live in Emirates provided
accommodation or to live out. If you choose to live in an Emirates provided
accommodation, rent and utilities are free of charge. Telephone bills and internet not. You’ll share the flat with either 2 or 3 flatmates
where everyone has its own room. After 6 months of probation, you may relocate
to another emirates accommodation if there is availability. Visitors may come to your flat but must leave
before 1 AM. Exceptions are made to allowed visitors. For this you need to fill forms, get your
neighbors signatures and send everything to emirates for their approval. 2 family members can visit at the same time,
stay twice a year for a maximum of 30 days each visit. Other emirates cabin crew may visit your flat
and stay indefinitely, no approval required. There are good and bad things when living
in an Emirates Accomodation: The good is that it’s safe. There is a lot of security staff guarding
your premises. There aren’t any utility bills nor maintenance
fees. Transportation is included. It’s all kept clean by cleaners and it’s a
great opportunity for socializing and partying! The bad things are that there is no privacy:
Every visitor must log in their name, last name, time in and time out of the visit, phone
number.. It makes you feel like you’ve never left your
work environment. Being mostly young people (20 to 30 years
old), it can get loud and noisy cause of the amount of parties. You’ll constantly hear high heels and suitcases
in the hall for every other cabin crew going or returning from work. All in all we could do this comparison: Emirates accommodation is like going to a
University campus. Living out accommodation is living like an
adult. Transportation is provided to you by Emirates
from your accommodation to work and back. You may use this network to get to all the
Emirates accommodations scattered in Dubai to avoid taking a taxi. If for example you’re unfortunately living
in Sarab (the biggest emirates accommodation in the desert of Dubai), you’ll be far from
the city center. You may use Emirates buses to go out and enjoy
your days off with friends avoiding crazy taxi fees. Of course people going to work have priority
over you since they have to work. But regularly you shouldn’t have any problems
getting on. For a certain amount of time Emirates suspended
this perk, not allowing any crew members with casual clothes to get on the bus, leaving
its employees with the only option of taking a 50 dollars round trip taxi ride to the city. After complaints on top of complaints, Emirates
listened to the crew’s requests and put this perk back in place. Here’s a small side note: Emirates constantly tries removing benefits
to its employees. If no one fights back, the benefit is permanently
lost and Emirates gets away with it. It’s important to understand that Emirates
employees form a big community and as such they must fight to make things right. Dubai doesn’t allow unions so nobody will
fight on your behalf! Fight for your rights and make sure those
benefits stay in place! We’ll cover a whole episode on this topic. There’s so much to talk about! Let’s get back to accommodation: If you choose to live out and use your own
transportation, you receive 50000 AED=13,612 USD per year to cover your flat and travel
expenses. If you rent a flat near the desert and share
it with someone, you’ll save most of that money. It’ll all depend on you. If you want to carry out a Rich lifestyle
then you’re gonna be living in the city center, the apartment is going to be more expensive
and you wont save anything. Living outside accommodation has it’s own
PROS and CONS: The PROS are that you have your own privacy,
there is no crew around, it’s relaxing, there are no visitor restrictions and you can save
money! The CONS are that you have to pay bills and
do your own maintenance. Marriage is required to live out, so you’ll
have to hand over certificates to Emirates in order for them to give you the live out
allowance. Plus there is no direct bus to work, so you’ll
probably end up buying a car. On our next video we’ll cover the thousands
of benefits each emirates cabin crew gets. Subscribe if you want more stuff like this! We do travel guides too, feel free to take
a look at our popular low cost travel guides up here. We’d love to know your experience in the comments
below! If you have any other questions just ask and
I’ll reply! Our challenge is to make videos every week. The topics we cover are things we’re experts
on. Hopefully that’ll get us more visibility. As always it’s my pleasure to do videos! Hope you liked it! Keep it rolling guys! Bye!

Paul Whisler


  1. I knew about this mistake but I went ahead and published the video anyways.

    I've been told by so many other Emirates Cabin Crew that 90 hours isn't the real average nowadays.
    90 hours per month is an official standard average. 100 hours is the MAXIMUM amount of allowed hours per month per aviation guidelines for every cabin crew.
    Since Emirates lost around 10K of it's employees over the course of the last 3 years, dropping from 27K to 17K crew (these are very much rounded figures), they were forced to squeeze and assign all those hours to the remaining Cabin Crew.

    This is where the average changed and went from 90 hours to 110 hours per month.

    Cabin Crew are overworked and the air is very tense in Emirates at the moment.
    The airline has finally started recruiting again giving a bit of slack to its staff! However the average still remains around 105-110 hours per month.

    Soon you'll learn that, 110 hours per month don't reflect the amount of hours you're actually at work! 110 hours are the working hours you're paid for, there is an abyssal amount of other working hours which you aren't paid for. We'll talk about that on a future episode! Stay tuned ! @WishCasting

  2. Living in EK accommodation might help you to overcome the homesick btw cause you aren't living all alone. As always, everything has its own good sides and down sides. Thanks for the video wish casting. Finally the first comment xD. Good luck!

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    The live out accommodation allowance value that Emirates pays us. Finally you revealed ..tq bro… Need more vids pls.

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  6. First of all, Many thanks for the video. So, I am gaining so precious datas about Emirates cabin crew while watching your videos. So, I just want to ask about open day or assessment day and they are organized every six months and my question is, when will be next open day in Dubai? Thank you for answer in advance.

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    Good quality in the sense clean???

  14. I can't seem to be able to reply to a question posted by @Neelu Singh " Do Emirates female crew get sexually abused or touched by seniors or passengers?" :


    It all depends on you.

    There are many crew and passengers that flirt on board. You are the one to allow phone numbers or contact exchange (to meet after the flight).

    If someone pushes himself or herself on you, you can always report it on your cabin crew portal or to the Captain in Command, First Officer or Purser.

    Emirates is safe, I've heard of very few sexual assaults or instances where it got out of control. Just say no and it all should end there.

    Orlando @wishcasting

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