हिंदी – How to invest 1 Lakh Rupees in stock market

Hello investors , my name is Sagar and in this video I will explain how to invest 1 lakh rupees in the stock market This is a very big amount so we need to invest safely and get good returns we will cover topics such as where to invest and how many stocks should you have in your portfolio Let’s start with the question in which stocks should we invest ? I’m expecting that you already know how the stock market works and why some stocks deliver great returns while other don’t If you aren’t familiar with these topics , I have made a video on this (click above to know more) So how can we get good stock ideas ? Mostly everyone watching this video works from Monday to Friday and can study stocks only on the weekends Let me share my trick with you. The job of big investors is to read all day long and find good stocks we might find some interesting ideas if we can take a look at their portfolio please note that I’m saying to take ideas and not to invest directly in them We might be able to find some good stocks from their portfolio and take advantage of this situation There are many good investors such as Rakesh Jhunjhunwala , Dolly Khanna , Mohnish Pabrai Vijay Kedia You can find their portfolio on Twitter by typing their name and portfolio.So , if you are interested in the portfolio of Vijay Kedia, you can just type Vijay Kedia portfolio many people keep tracking his investments so you can find them easily. Just follow everyone tracking him to get live updates. There are many websites as well giving you the same information. This will help you get stock ideas but I would like to highlight two points here. When you see any big investor entering any stock , you will see that the stock starts moving upwards because people think that the stock will do well this is not a good approach as everyone makes mistakes in the stock market. Secondly, you don’t know their time horizon. Maybe they are investing for a very short time and you won’t even know when they exit sometimes that’s why it’s always good to get some ideas but please don’t copy any investor without doing your research but now what should we do with these ideas ? You have to follow three simple points I’ve already made a video on this topic so I don’t want to repeat ( click above to know more ) Basically you are looking for management , business and valuations but I know there are many people who don’t have the time to do their research I have a simple solution for you. You can watch my videos every Monday because I cover stocks where many investors are investing Maybe you will like 1 or 2 stocks from those videos . I have covered many sectors such as banks and consumer companies Many people think that if you want to be a good investor , you need to be an expect in picking stocks and you need to identify small unknown stocks This is not exactly true and you don’t get extra points for finding unknown stocks. Imagine a big investors invests in any stock and I decide to invest in it , if the stock performs well , I will have good returns as well it’s not necessary to have small unknown stocks in your portfolio to get good returns you can get great returns by taking ideas from other investors and I will show this with two examples I have Manappuram Finance in my portfolio ( Disclosure – not a recommendation ) I got this idea from the portfolio of Dolly Khanna. I got great returns from this company and this was not my original idea At least I’m admitting it. Rain Industries is another example which I got from Mohnish Pabrai and Dolly Khanna That position is up 30 – 40 % in my portfolio, so you can see you can get great returns by taking ideas from other investors Of course, you will need to do your research before investing . I will make more videos on that but I already cover it in my course with many examples but the second questions is more important. How many stocks should you keep in your portfolio ? 1 lakh rupees is a big amount so I know many people won’t feel comfortable with 2 – 3 stocks in their portfolio because if you have invested in three stocks and one of them goes down , 33 % of your portfolio gets affected In my case, I don’t mind keep 3 stocks but that’s just because I have a different personality I think 4 stocks is a good amount but if you don’t feel comfortable you can keep upto 10 stocks. Don’t keep 20 or 30 stocks because you will have time only on weekends and in those 2 days per week , you need to analyze stocks , track them and find new stocks. So we know that we don’t have time to manage such a big portfolio that’s why I said 10 stocks is a nice amount and anything above that seems very hard to track There is one more advantage by having 4 or 5 stocks in your portfolio . This forces you to concentrate and research even more. Imagine you invest in 5 stocks and one of them doesn’t do well , that means 20 % of your portfolio gets affected So you will always research more because you don’t want 20 % of your portfolio to get affected This pressure is not a bad thing but if you think that you won’t feel comfortable with 4 stocks then 10 stocks would be the maximum I would recommend. But please make sure that the portfolio is diversified. Don’t invest your whole portfolio in the auto sector. You can check other sectors such as chemicals and banks So , if one sector doesn’t perform as you expected , the other sector will compensate for it But once you build your portfolio , you will see a shift in your thinking as you learn more about the stock market This happened with my portfolio as well. You will start with 10 stocks as you want a diversified portfolio. once you have invested in any company , you start learning more about it because you want to make sure that you have invested in a good company of course you will do your research before buying any stock but you will learn more about it once you own it especially if the stock goes down by 40 % after you have invested , then you will start learning even more because you start questioning your decision After some time , you will start selling some of your positions. Let me explain why We all know that there aren’t so many good stocks in the stock market. There will be some ideas which will give good returns but the rest of them will be normal. All of us want to get great returns like 20 or 30 % and we already know that there aren’t many stocks which will give those returns you will start selling many positions because you will realize that these stocks won’t be giving you the returns you expected Something similar happened with my portfolio. I was holding Everest Industries but I realized that I have something better in my portfolio so I decided to sell it This will help you focus on your best ideas. In every portfolio , you will see 4 or 5 stocks which perform very well while other don’t If you check my portfolio , 2 of them have given around 10 – 15 % but then there is one which has given 60 % But I would like to end this video with this point. The journey of investing is very long Nobody actually tells you that it will take lots of time and dedication to find good stocks Especially if you only have time of weekends. But please invest your money carefully. Especially when you make your first investments and they don’t go well, you get psychologically affected and you start thinking that the stock market is a waste of time When you ask anyone about the stock market, they will always tell you that it’s a waste of time I still remember the day I told my family members that I will be investing my savings in the stock market everyone told me that it’s a bad decision because it’s like gambling but you can see that I have done well so far So please invest carefully and understand that it will take some time don’t invest everything on the first day keep researching and finding good stocks and eventually you will have a great portfolio don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos

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  11. Go for either ETFs or Total stock market index funds if you don't have time for your research. As simple as that.

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    Great job man may god bless you today and always.

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